Train Your Pet Yourself

Training an animal is not an easy task. However, it is not that difficult also if you can understand the behavior of the pet and make him believe or follow what you want it to do. Hence with the establishment of right connection and communication, you can train your pet at your place yourself also.
For the training of a dog, first, you need to train yourself. You need to establish a connection and strong communication system that the pet can easily understand. Rest all the techniques and tools play arole later as until you are not sure how to train a dog; you can surely not do the desired job easily. You need to understand the mindset of the pet and behave in a way that it can judge what you want to tell or command it.  However, there are some tips with the help of which you can carry out this tough task also.
Dog training is essential for your pet to have a good social life amongst humans as well as other fellow pets too.

Tips to train your dog: –

  • You could start with the basics using positive reinforcements, games. But firstly, you have to learn what a basic foundation dog obedience course entails. Only the easier tricks should be performed when the puppy is young. Only after 6 months should the rigorous dog training routine should start.
  • Buy the tools you need to start your training. There are many books available which would help you guide through the process of dog training. This is a very cumbersome process. It could take a while till you finally get a hold of the tricks. Other than books, you would need dog treats, dog crate, clicker, dog collar, dog leash, treat pouch, treat dispensing toys, chew toys, and calming aids.
  • To inculcate house training and crate training
  • To teach them leash training
  • To teach them slowly how to socialize with other humans and their pets. If you have other pets, it must be of foremost importance that you teach them not to attack other pets. It is an often occurrence for new pets to be afraid or to attack the pets already at your place.
  • To start Clicker training which uses positive reinforcement techniques. A treat is immediately given after using the clicker. The clicker helps your dog to distinguish between what sounds like a ‘good boy’ and a ‘bad ‘
  • Teaching them basic commands like sit, down, etc. and fun tricks. Tricks like shaking hands, backing up, taking a bow, speakingas in responding, giving kisses and spinning. Others include rolling over and playing dead!
  • You can also go for establishing proofing behaviors and troubleshooting.This is the full proof way of making sure your pet learns and inculcates a new behavioral This also includes teaching your dog self-control. Without proofing behaviors, it might be very well that your dog will forget the dog training lessons.
  • Understanding that training different species is different. Every dog trains differently. It depends upon your pets’ breed, size, history and so on. Training smalldogsis very different from training the bigger breeds. It is not only different training a pit-bull from a pug or a Labrador; it is also very difficult to train stray dogs, or fearful dogs, or stray fearful dogs.

Signing up your pet for advances dog training programs: Training is a continuous process. So once you are over with the basics, the next step would be to sign them up for advanced training like agility training for dogs, and top dog sports to keep them healthy and strengthen their bones. You could also sign them up for programs like therapy dogs, animal-assisted therapy and all about service dogs.

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