Traditional Yet Modern!

What is a signet ring?

Men have used signet rings over the years as a traditional to carry their family name, which has now become a modern accessory. Before, only men preferred wearing these rings, but now even women wear them as a family tradition and sentiment. A men’s signet ring is a sign of power and respect. Previously, the unique signet rings were used as stamps/ signatures as they could not be copied.

Signet rings are the new trend. One has to consider many aspects while purchasing the ring. One can purchase a regular ring or choose to customise it. Signet rings have important symbols engraved on them. Every symbol engraved holds importance and might be used for many reasons. The symbols are used as stamps traditional or signatures. A lot of thought must go into purchasing signet rings, as one might choose to wear them forever.

The advantage of purchasing signet rings is the variety of rings. One can find a variety in different stores around the world. The signet rings are available in silver, platinum, yellow, silver and gold. The signet rings are not available at low prices. The price does not depend on the material used but the design and the intricacy involved in making it. Every ring is unique and holds importance.

What are the different shapes in signet rings?

There are a lot of types of signet rings. One can suit their needs and requirements with different designs, patterns and colours. Some of the popular shapes in a men’s signet ring include:

  • Oxford oval: The signet rings are shaped in the form of an oval. This shape is the most popular one, and it carries a family tradition.
  • Round: These signet ring shapes are the modern and the latest ones compared to the traditional ring shapes.
  • Marquise: The ring shape has a unique diamond engraved on it. This shape is more of a stylish and dignified form.
  • Cushion: This signet ring is in the form of a square, and it is soft. This ring was preferred by most people living in the olden days.

These are some of the different and trendy shapes. All shapes are unique and fashionable. One can know more about men’s signet rings to make their purchase better.

Why do people purchase signet rings?

Signet rings are sold at a lot of places and are purchased for various reasons. Everyone across the globe wears the signet rings. They can either be purchased as an accessory or might be given by one’s family. There are various reasons why one want to purchase these rings, and some of them are:

  • The signet rings are worn by women too nowadays. These signet rings go with almost everything you wear. These rings can be used daily too. These signet rings go with every outfit. Other accessories might not go well with a particular outfit, but signet rings are the primary element in everyone’s house.
  • The signet ring will signify what personality a person is. It will give importance when you wear them, and it increases your value.
  • The signet rings are available in different shapes and sizes. One can also get a signet ring with their birthstone. One can also customise their signet rings with their favourite shapes and designs based on their choice.
  • The signet rings are different from the usual rings one wears every day. It has got a significance when you wear them.
  • The signet rings are made with accuracy, and one can customise them.
  • One can also customise their signet rings like engraving their name or family name, the logo of their company and many other designs that can be modified according to one’s choices.

Author: Hannah Gilbert

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