Touring Through Dubrovnik, Croatia

 Dubrovnik is a true gem of the Mediterranean and a place that is adored among tourists! They have every reason for the admiration, since it’s a place of rich culture and history. Monumental walls are almost two kilometers long, and in the Republic of Dubrovnik, some of the earliest documents about maritime law in the World and oldest European law on maritime insurance were created. The oldest European pharmacy that is continuously operational is also located here! In the base of Srd mountain, from where the magnificent view on the city rises, Dubrovnik will always make you come back and enjoy in its charms.
If you decide to go for a swim, there is enough place for everyone! Banje, Lapad, St. Jacob and numerous other places like Konavle, Zupa and Cavtat, will relax you with its beautiful beaches and prepare you for an exciting nightlife. If you just want to stroll through the stone streets and stairs, the most beautiful are definitely the ones next to the Church of St. Ignatius which are irresistibly similar to Piazza di Spagna in Rome. Or you can party outside or inside the city walls, in lounge bars, taverns or many coffee places in narrow streets, which are connected like rooms in your own apartment. Even the Lazareti, the medieval quarantine, are a place where you can party till the morning. But at the end of the morning after you’ve partied all night long, there isn’t a thing in the world you would change for you comfortable bed! At least until the new party begins 🙂
Looking at pictures, you really can not tell the difference between the shoreline and beaches of Dubrovnik with that of Italy. The coastlines are flawless with its crystal blue waters, pearl white sand, and rocky surroundings. Even taking a picture on a cheap disposable camera will look like a postcard in this kind of environment.
The great weather in Dubrovnik allow you to take part in sports activities throughout the year. The geographical position of Dubrovnik is best if you wish to go on daytrip to Split or Cavtat or to the islands of Brac, Mljet or Korcula.
 Dubrovnik area provides a variety of accommodation options: camps, private rooms, studio apartments, cheap hostels and hotels. There are lots of excellent campgrounds on the shore. Nonetheless, wild camping is not permitted, especially on the islands. Private lodging is gaining in popularity and can be reserved over the Internet. Booking private accommodation, you normally book just overnight considering that the majority of private lodging owners do not provide breakfast and other dishes.  To view the list of accommodation available in Dubrovnik for short periods visit

The climate here is ideal for hiking and the season is long, stretching from very early spring to late autumn. Along the Dalmatian coast and on the islands, the Mediterranean climate dominates and offers mild winter seasons and long, hot summers. The islands are normally dry and in the summer make a enjoyable place for outdoor pursuits. Much of the countryside remains untouched and quiet and there are some unbelievable paths and tracks to be explored. 

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