Top Wonderful Destinations To Experience In Chikmagalur That You Can Incorporate Into Your Itinerary

Chikmagalur, situated in the beautiful green Western Ghats, is a charming town and one of Karnataka’s perfect hill points to explore. If you’re searching for a peaceful and relaxing escape to get away from the hustle and bustle of places like Bangalore, Chennai, and others, prepare your luggage and head to Chikmagalur.

As a tourist, Chikmagalur has all you want to see and do. from castles, temples, fountains, lakes, and stunning landscapes, the enormous number of beautiful destinations to travel in Chikmagalur draws visitors from all over the world. Aside from these, the beautiful hill destination is known for its tea gardens and coffee farms, where you may sip endless cups of the finest coffee and tea.

Other than enjoying the city itself, your Chikmagalur journey can also include halts at Kemmanagundi, Mullayanagiri, Shringeri Sharadamba Temple, Dattatreya Peeta, and other local destinations. Plan a journey to this lovely nature reserve and devote a little time to the lush valleys, going to take in the tranquility and scenic beauty.

Would you like to discover where to go in Chikmagalur throughout your vacation? Read our blog content for a clear description of the top tourist attractions in Chikmagalur by scrolling down.

How to go to Chikmagalur?

  • By flight:

The closest airport to Chikmagalur is Mangalore Airport, which is 13 kilometers away. It is well linked to all metropolitan areas, and one could call a taxi to go to Chikmagalur from Mangalore Airport.

  • By car:

Chikmagalur is properly connected by road with Bangalore, Mangalore, Hassan, and other Karnataka towns, from which state-run vehicles or private taxi services can be taken to Chikmagalur.

  • By train:

Chikmagalur does not offer a specific train station; instead, passengers must reach at Kadur Train Station (40 kilometers away) and then rent a car to Chikmagalur.

  1. Hebbe Falls

Hebbe Falls is a majestic, spreading waterfall that comes from an altitude of 168 meters in the Kemmanagundi Mountains. It is split into two sections: Dodda Hebbe (large falls) and Chikka Hebbe (small falls). The journey to the waterfall is long and confusing but when you arrive at the top and sink your toes in the cold, crystal clear water, you will fall madly in love with it. The adjacent green grass, nice weather, and tranquility of this location, in addition to the stunning views of the fountains, start making it one of the best destinations to explore in Chikmagalur.

  1. Datta Peeta

The Baba Budangiri region is a well-known and popular destination throughout the several Chikmagalur travel attractions Mullanyagiri, the tallest mountain here, is even known as Chandra Drona Parvatha. Mullayanagiri and Baba Budangiri are also both sections of the Dattatreya Peeta, which are mountain peaks in the Western Ghats. Tunnels, waterfalls, a reservoir, and temples are only a few of the popular destinations to these ranges. Baba Budangiri is one of the most gorgeous destinations to travel in Chikmagalur because of its pure elegance and breathtaking attractiveness.

  1. Mullalayanagiri

Mullalayanagiri, the tallest point in Karnataka at 1930 meters, is one of the most appealing locations to travel in Chikmagalur. Near the summit of the mountain is a little temple devoted to Mullapa Swamy, a seer who controlled the surrounding caves. Adventurers can choose between a 3km hike to the summit from Saptadhari or a pleasant road cycling experience at Mullayanagiri. After that, you can stay at resorts in Chikmagalur for taking a rest.

  1. Bhadra Dam resorts in Chikmagalur

Another awe-inspiring place to visit during your Chikmagalur journey is Bhadra Dam. The dam is built mostly on the Bhadra River and serves as a storage for water utilized for agriculture hydropower production, water supplies, and industrial uses. The Bhadra River is a waterway of the Tungabhadra River, which is formed by major rivers such as the Somavahini, Odirayanahalla, and Thadabehalla. If you have time, you can spend a relaxing afternoon at the dam and that is one of Chikmagalur’s top attractions. You could also go to local spots like Shimoga when you are not short on time.

  1. Horanadu Annapoorneshwari temple

Horanadu Annapoorneshwari Temple, located on the borders of the Bhadra River, is one of the top locations to explore in Chikmagalur. The temple is covered with dense grass and trees and picturesque views of the Western Ghats, and followers gather here for tremendous calmness and peace Goddess Annapoorneshwari, the lord of food and wealth, is honored in this Hindu temple. Before allowing public exposure of God, the monks here decorate the goddess with ornaments crafted from clean flowers and exquisite decorations daily.

  1. Manikhyadhara Falls

Chikmagalur is renowned for the various fountains, reservoirs, and temples that can be found nearby. Manikhyadhara Falls is also another beautiful waterfall in Chikmagalur and one of the finest locations to travel It is near Baba Budangiri and is covered by lush plants and greenery, making it a perfect picnic location for spending weekends with relatives and friends. Manikyadhara Falls is a seasonal cascading fall with incredible hiking paths that adventurers can try when exploring.

  1. Tea Estate in Chikmagalur

A trip to the beautiful tea estates in Chikmagalur is a must on any travel to the city. Numerous tea estates can be found here, and they are unquestionably among the popular locations to explore in Chikmagalur. Tea Garden Assessments are very common in this area, and you can make one yourself, taking a stroll through these incredible plantations, engaging with residents to know regarding their experience and heritage, and soaking up the colonial period atmosphere these estates possess, as most of them relate deep to the British empire in India.

  1. Kallathigiri Falls

Kallathigiri Falls, like the other beautiful fountains all across Chikmagalur, is a beautiful attraction on the checklist of the best attractions in Chikmagalur. Nearby views of the majestic waterfalls will offer you goosebumps, and the appealing scenery will leave you speechless. There are several hiking paths nearby the falls that you can experience, as well as a small local temple and the Recreational Park, another beautiful and magnificent site close to the falls.

Here is a compilation of the top things to do in Chikmagalur. If you are making a vacation to Chikmagalur, resorts in Chikmagalur can serve you. Your accommodation is extremely safe.

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