MBA Courses In India

Top MBA Courses In India You Can Opt For!

For an MBA aspirant, the task of choosing the right specialisation in the course is as challenging as seeking admission for it, whether it is in finance, marketing or anything. Academicians at Jaro Education believe the ideal way to choose is opting for the option that has the greatest scope and interests you as well.

Recruiters mostly tend to shortlist candidates based on their special skill-sets, rather than general management skills. Thus, choosing a specialization becomes mandatory. Only after testing the specific skills of individuals, the recruiters decide the job profiles apt for them.

The demand for management graduates is high globally and India is considered as one of the countries offering the best MBA courses. The B-schools in India and across the world offer various specializationsin the course but ultimately the decision is yours to make, based on your aptitude and interest.


Marketing department has a significant role in many organisations since it brings in new businesses, and contributes greatly to the profitability of the organisation. The cut-throat competition has necessitated the need of excellent marketing skills, including the ability to differentiate your products from others’ and create a niche for your company for a sustainable growth, along with securing a position for your business in the market.

MBA in marketing helps students understand consumer behaviour, business ethics, market behaviour, advertising and many more concepts. Good communication skillsare an added boon for students pursuing MBA in marketing.


The lucrative pay package offered in many of the finance related jobs has lured many MBA aspirants to opt for this option. Specialisation in this field will give you an insight into the functioning of the financial world and familiarise you with various financial theories which will come handy while solving business problems and managing finance. Expertise in this field has high demand in banking as well as other non-banking financial sectors with handsome salary packages. The course is being increasingly inculcated even in the executive mba programmes lately, aimed to benefit the working executives.

International business

Withthe advent of globalisation and opening up of world’s economies, a specialisation in International Business will fuel a student’s career in the multinational companies. MBA in international business will provide an in-depth knowledge of organisational skills required for performing international operations as well as global and local market management. An additional benefit is the opportunity to travel across the world to meet the global clients. Having successfully completed this course along with some resourceful experience, you can work as a financial controller, multinational manager, international marketing director, etc.

Operation management

Operation management forms the backbone of any organisational activity. It also has a crucial role in manufacturing and service providing industries. The curriculum for this programme comprises numeric quantitative components and analytics, so anyone with a mathematical background would be apt for this course.

After finance and marketing, most students, especially those from engineering background tend to choose this specialisation for MBA.

While many of the students primarily choose a particular specialisation based on their interest or the pay packets, several others also opt for a specific course on basis of the reputation of the B- schools. In terms of management courses, Indiais not far behind other top institutes across the world. Some reputed colleges offering MBA program are Xavier School of Management, IIM Ahmedabad and Symbiosis Institute of Business Management. Keeping working professionals under equal preferences,online MBA in India has also come in full swing over the past few years and numerous colleges have adopted the system of providing distance education.

The ed-tech companies have also set foot in the sector, serving as a bridge between various universities and the working professionals through e-learning. Jaro Education, one of the pioneers in executive education space, offers a number of full-time and part-time online courses on management and technological programmes from reputed institutes like IIM Rohtak, IIM Trichy and American Business Management and Technology College. Certainly, the emergence of ed-tech companies have revolutionised the education system across India.

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