Top Health Benefits of Brown Rice

Basmati rice is one long grained fragranced rice variety, which is mainly grown in tropical countries as humidity and moisture are favorable for the growth of rice here.
Both brown and white basmati rice are available, and according to researches done, the brown variety is said to have more benefits than the white one. Though many people consider white rice to be on their daily diet, brown rice is always highly recommended as it is much healthier than the former one. Thus whole grain brown basmati rice is always recommendable, and it has higher benefits than white basmati rice though the latter tastes better.
Why brown rice is good for health?
Actually white rice is nothing but a refined process of actual rice grains that are brown in color. Brown rice is full of bran and side hall, which white rice does not have. These two things are natural and are full of calcium, proteins, thiamine, fiber, magnesium and potassium, which are very essential for human bodies. If one is obese and is trying to lose some weight or those who are suffering from diabetic diseases; this brown rice can be very beneficial for them. In fact, those who have high level of blood sugar should actually have this brown rice in their regular diet as it keeps the glucose rate in blood lower.
White rice is actually devoid of all the zinc, magnesium, irons and vitamins as they are all eliminated due to the refining process, it has to go through. This rice is just a synthetic version of actual healthy rice grains. But brown rice never goes through this synthetic and unnatural refining process, and thus, it retains its all the natural nutrients.

1. Brown rice is rich in selenium, and thus, it helps in reducing the risk of some major diseases like cardiac problems, arthritis and even cancer too.
2. This variety of rice has high manganese content, and thus, it fulfills the daily eighty percent of manganese requirement, which, in turn, benefits the reproduction system in a female body and also help a body to synthesize fats.
3. As this rice is not processed, it has natural oils and thus helps in reducing the high cholesterol level in a human body.
4. This rice has high fiber content, which is very good if one wants to lose their weight. If brown rice is added to regular diets; one can easily get rid of constipation problems as the dietary fibers present in it. It keeps the bowel movement clear and regular.
5. They are termed as whole grain because it never loses its wholeness because they do not go through the artificial refining process, and thus, reduces the risk of high cholesterol and cardiac diseases.
6. Brown rice is very rich in antioxidants. In fact, it is as rich as having a fruit per day. This rice is thus a good solution for keeping the digestion system hassle free and increases the immunity system.

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