Top Amazing Health Benefits of Cocoa Butter

Cocoa butter, which has another name – theobroma oil, is a kind of popular ingredient in your daily life. It is one of the dispensable components in chocolate and a lot of other cosmetic products. Created by milled cocoa beans, cocoa butter is a vegetable edible fat which has various benefits for the health. The following writing will provide you with the ways cocoa butter makes good.

1. Benefits to skin

Being a significant skin moisturizer, cocoa butter has great function of hydrating the skin. You can treat your skin as a lip balm without hesitating, because cocoa butter is totally edible and harmless to your body. Containing a high content of antioxidant, cocoa butter additionally has the ability of protecting your skin from getting damage. Antioxidant can also help to reduce the inflammation on skin. In 2008, cocoa butter was proved to contain polyphenol – a kind of natural compound. This chemical works effectively in improving the thickness of skin, the density of collagen in your body, and even the elasticity of your skin.
Cocoa butter is also a good doctor for scars. Enhancing healing process, cocoa butter can soothe and hydrate the skin, make the scar tissue be soften and faded. This ingredient is also one of the best natural materials for improving stretch marks on the skin with the ability of supporting skin to form new cells and preventing the formation of new stretch mark. Cocoa butter can also be used in treating small burns. It will moisturize your skin and relieve the pain at the same time. Using cocoa butter for burns also reduces the rate of scarring. It also helps treat some other skin problems such as skin tags removal.
Cocoa butter

2. Benefits to heart health

Most people think that being a kind of fat means that it is one of causes for cardiovascular diseases. But no, a study in 2014 proved the guiltlessness of cocoa butter. Polyphenol found in cocoa butter has properties of anti-inflammatory. This function, on the contrary, has ability of preventing atherosclerosis (also called briefly arteris) from hardening. Dark chocolate, which is rich in content of cocoa butter, also has power to reduce cholesterol level in your body, stabilize blood pressure and the risks of heart attacks.
However, you should notice that cocoa butter does not perform its max power as a component in chocolate. In fact, dried cocoa powder is ultimately the best use of cocoa butter. With the considerably higher content of anti-inflammatory and polyphenol, adding dried cocoa butter to your basis diet, and it will give you a wide range of heart health benefits.

3. Benefits to hair

Not only being the effective cure to you skin and heart, cocoa butter is also very good for you hair. The ability of well moisturizing of cocoa butter makes it powerful in healing damaged hair and raising its quality. Antioxidants and moisturizing content function of cocoa butter also help restore the burnt or frizzy hair. Even in case your hair is already in good condition, cocoa butter can also be used as the good conditioner after every time you wash it. Cocoa butter conditioner has function of making hair scalp smoother, thicker and stronger. Everything you need to do is just apply the cocoa butter as the mousse on your hair, after washing it. Rub the hair scalp and rinse it off in the next morning. Treat your hair with cocoa butter by this way several times per week will quickly give you pleasure.

4. Anti-aging

One of other benefits of cocoa butter which is applauded warmly by women is that it has ability of slowing down the aging process. The key factor in this effect depends on the content of antioxidant in cocoa butter. The high antioxidants value in this ingredient includes various types of acid: palmitic acid, stearic acid, oleic acid and other fatty acids. These chemicals work restlessly in neutralizing the activities of free radicals in your body. Do you know what do these free radicals do? They are the decisive factor for creating aging process and giving signs of aging process. In addition, cocoa butter has function of reducing oxidative stress. This is the cause for many aging signals on your body like age marks, wrinkles, etc.

5. Treatment to chapped lips

Cocoa butter is also one of the best natural remedies for treating chapped lips. The effective function of moisturizing in cocoa butter makes it a great protector for your lips. By creating a hydration layer on the lips, cocoa butter is the best friend against dry, sunny weather.
To exploit the use of cocoa butter in a more effective way, you can try making some homemade lip balms. Adding some natural oils like lavender oil, peppermint oil, grapefruit oil or orange oil, you will have cute and flavorful lip balms, which are extremely helpful for your dry lips skin. Being an emollient, cocoa butter combined with these essential oils will make good protection from terrible environmental factors that do harm to your lips. Moreover, adding cocoa butter to your diet also works quite well. Have this ingredient daily and not only your lips but also all your body will get a lot of good benefits.

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