Top 8 JEE FAQs Answered For You

Preparing for JEE main isn’t a piece of cake. It demands sheer dedication and hard work .but one should know how to proceed while preparing for it. Here are some FAQS to help you in cracking JEE main. Let see how
1.       Do I need to start preparing after 10th in order to crack JEE main?
Well, there are no hard and strict rules to follow in order to crack JEE main. Even if you start one year ago of the exam, it’s okay.  But you need to study regularly and build up strategies to complete the whole syllabus before one month of the exam. So it depends on you to start and complete it accordingly. But remember revision is must. Don’t keep the revision work for the last 1 month. Keep revising while adapting new topics.  Yes, but preparing after class 10 will let you concentrate on your board’s exam later.
2.       I’m not very good at maths. So should I consider studying physics and chemistry more in order to get a good rank?

 You have to consider two things before giving, rather preparing for JEE main. Firstly JEE main is the way to take admission in IIT and NIT. So if your demand is to be an engineer, you’re not allowed to be bad at maths. Secondly, nobody is bad at maths. Perhaps practicing is the only answer here. And of course you should focus on the subjects or chapters you’re good at, but each and every subject is equally important.
3.       What is the minimum score needed to crack JEE main?
Last year the cut off of the general category was 105 out of 360 to qualify for JEE advance. Every year cut off remains within 140.  It mainly depends on the difficulty level of the paper. So, don’t go for cut off, but give your 200 percent. In case the paper is tough, cut off will decrease. But if the paper is easy, don’t take it leniently as the cut off will increase in that case. And you’ll be able to find the JEE Mains 2016 Answer Key after your exam.
4.       How class 12 marks or percentage is important to qualify for IITs?
40 percent of your 12 board exam percentage and 60 percent of JEE main score is taken to calculate your rank. But remember, if you don’t qualify for JEE advance, you possibly won’t get an admission in any IIT or NIT.
5.       To get an admission private tuition is a mandatory thing?
Usually students don’t get much time to go according to the scheduled tuition and board preparation. Private tuition is indeed a way to keep the process of preparing in, but self studyis must. Without self study, even private tuition won’t be able to help you out.
6.       How many hours daily should I study in order to success?

The number of hours one needs to study depends on how much of syllabus is left.  It is a good practice to revise whatever you read last day, at morning before starting new topics again.
7.       I’m studying in class 12. Should I focus on class 11 chapters more?
Chapter which are there in your class 11 syllabus are equally important to crack JEE main. You need to revise those chapters on a regular basis, but keeping in mind that you have to score fine in your boards as well.  Set goals on a daily basis to complete class 12 syllabuses and revise class 11 syllabuses.
8.       What should be my approach regarding answering questions while giving JEE main?

Always start solving easy questions and then move towards the questions you think are doable. Don’t panic and avoidguessing the answer which may fetch you negative marks.

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