Draft beer towers

Top 7 Best Draft Beer Towers for Your Bar or Pub in 2021

In the culture of beer consumption, not only taste is important but also presentation to pub visitors. Draft beer towers will help you make draft beer towers that will be watched with interest by all guests of your establishment.

Functions and Features of Beer Towers

A beer tower is the most important piece of pub equipment. It is a structure built on top of a beer dispenser (usually located on a work surface or table) and connected by beer lines and pipes to a keg of craft beer.

The presence of a beer cylinder makes it easy to pour and serve the drink to guests. To access the desired variety, you just need to open the corresponding tap. The towers are also responsible for cooling: air or glycol.

TOP 7 Models on the Market

We have compiled the TOP of the best products based on popularity. Scroll through the list up to the end!

  1. T-Box is a classic design with a different number of mixers located on a T-box. It’s a way to bring all the beers on the market to the work platform while saving usable space.
  2. T-shaped models are ideal for dispensing several types of drinks.
  3. Double-pedestal models are equipped with a huge number of mixers (from 3 to 20) that work seamlessly in a single system.
  4. Wall-mounted models help out the owners of compact pubs, who don’t have the opportunity to pile a beer tower on the table directly in front of visitors. So, the keg is hidden in the utility room, and only the tap for serving the drink is displayed in the main hall.
  5. The elbow is an original compact design for dispensing small amounts of beer. Loved by pub owners for its simplicity and reliable operation.
  6. The Undercounter model is a classic bar that has moved up to 6th place only due to the presence of a huge number of stylish counterparts. However, this is a simple and time-efficient solution for any establishment.
  7. European-style options are appealing as they sell a variety of Bavarian beers. This design allows you to emphasize the authenticity of the drink and make the serving truly interesting.

There are no losers or clear winners on this list: all options are worthy of attention and being placed on the main table in your pub!

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