TOP 7 best applications for iPhone in July

Each month, there are some really cool apps released for both iOS and Android, which we would like to tell you about. In this article, we present to you TOP 7 applications for iOS and IPhone in particular that are truly awesome. In addition, you may also want to use this calculator to find out iPhone smartphone price.


It is the absolute hit of the month. With the help of trained neural networks, Prisma redraws your photos, turning them into paintings in the style of famous artists. A couple of touches, a few seconds of waiting – and the most ordinary picture becomes a masterpiece.


If you are not very good at art, Artbit will definitely help you. It is able to recognize paintings, sculptures and other art objects in the same was as Shazam recognizes music. In addition, Artbit will let you locate the nearest museums and galleries in case you want visit them.

Microsoft Flow

Microsoft continues to make our lives easier, and in this particular case, it does so with Automation Service Flow. The service is able to interact with social networks, cloud storage, as well as the company’s products such as Microsoft Office 365.

Microsoft Sprightly

Microsoft also pleased us with a mobile application for creating collages and various promotional materials. According to the company, it can replace a professional designer for small business owners, allowing to create flyers, price lists, catalogs, coupons in a few steps. The app has several patterns all of which are free.

Motion Stills

Google has introduced an application for the stabilization of “live photos.” After processing, they become so smooth that you cannot tear your eyes from them. Moreover, the animation can be converted into GIF and you can share the result with your friends.

It is a social network for those who love to organize everything. In addition to the creation and the publication of lists to which you can add a photo, GIFs, videos and even whole sections of the text, with you can subscribe to interesting lists of other users and find the collections through the Discover tab. Best movies, books, and restaurants are always at your fingertips and in a convenient format.

SketchBook for Education

It is a special version of SketchBook for novice artists. No matter how old you are: if you are just learning to paint, the easiest way to do it is via the educational version of SketchBook. The application is simple, but it includes advanced features that will be useful to you as you develop your drawing skills. It has a support for Apple Pencil, the function of scanning paper sketches and more.

Hillo for Trello

This app is useful to anyone who is actively using the Trello service. With a large number of boards and groups, it becomes very difficult to track notifications from them, and this is the problem to be solved by Hillo. With the help of this app, you can keep track of any user activity of any users and boards – all the necessary information is available at a glance.

So this is our list of TOP 7 apps for IOS in July. In case you do not have an IOS device, you can visit Kijiji to buy cell phones online.

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