Top 5 festivals celebrated in the state of Bihar

Bihar is known for many things, and its rich culture and traditions is one of the them. To truly witness Bihar in the light of a fun and exciting state, visit during one of its major festivals and be a part of it! This article talks about the top 5 festivals celebrated in Bhar.
A state reflecting its glorious past and showcasing the progressive development the state has been undergoing, Bihar is turning into tourist hotspot. Patna sees a horde of tourists and the number is growing with each passing year. The city is also well equipped with all modes of transport. You can get a Patna to Ranchi train or a train to any other major city in India on any given day! Bihar has a rich cultural and traditional background which really intrigues the visitors. You will get a better insight of it all when you visit it during the festive seasons. Here are some of the top festivals celebrated in Bihar.
Chhath Puja
The biggest festival in the state, the Chhath puja is one you do not want to miss if you are looking forward to visiting Bihar during one of its festival celebrations. This Hindu festival is dedicated to Surya, better known as the Sun God in the Hindu mythology and the celebrations takes place exactly 6 days after the festival of lights, Diwali. Fasts are observed by devotees from dawn to dusk during this festival and is a form of thanksgiving to the Almighty for looking after the life on earth. Thousands of devotees visit the city during the time of Chhath Puja.
Makar Sankranti Mela
Celebrated in the month of January, the Makar Sankranti is held in the town of Rajgir every year.  Offerings are made to the temple deity and a dip in the holy waters is considered mandatory during these times. According to the Hindu Mythology, it is said that an Asura once threatened the Gods and Lord Vishnu in turn unleashed his wrath by beheading the Asura and buried the rest of the body under the Mandar hill.
Rajgir Mahotsav
Celebrated in Rajgir, the ancient capital of the then Magadhan Empire, the Rajgir Mahotsav festival is celebrated jointly by both the buddhists and Jains. This celebration reminds them of the long ties that Mahavira and Buddha shared. It is one of the most mood lifting celebrations you can be a part of as the festival is marked by dance and music. Various forms of dance and music can be witnessed here during this festival drawing a good crowd of people comprising of not devotees alone, but tourists as well.
Celebrated during the winter season when the area sees a large group of migratory birds making their way here, the Sama-Chakeva celebrates beauty and mainly denotes the welcoming of the pair of birds — Sama and Chakeva. The festival after much celebration comes to an end with the people praying that the birds come back next-year.
Shravani Mela
This month-long ritual is the longest festival celebrated in the state normally falling in the month of July-August. The devotees come from far and wide to be a part of this festival wearing a saffron coloured uniform and come to the city in groups of packed trains. These devotees are called Kanwarias and they walk barefoot for about a 100 km stretch to take a dip in the holy and auspicious Shiva-Linga.
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