Top 3 Cities in Europe You should Consider Visiting For Holidays

Europe is a perfect holiday destination for people looking for different experiences. The fun-filled destination has a lot to offer to its visitors from the stunning beaches of Crete to the Italy’s rich culture and the volcanic shores of the Canary Islands. Numerous destinations in Europe are renowned for their potential to provide the best holidays experience to all types of visitors ranging from the stylish honeymooners to family travelers and nature lovers. Therefore, a vacation to one of the cities in Europe should be number one on your bucket list this summer. Below are some of the cities in Europe you should consider visiting for your holidays;

1. Paris
The city of love remains the number one destination if you are on vacation in Europe. You will fall in love with the high artistic skills and fashion in the city as well as other popular attractions such as The Eiffel Tower and the Sun Palace. Enjoying a romantic stroll with your loved along River Seine and the fine wine in the city will make your stay more enjoyable. Kids visiting Paris also get to enjoy a broad range of activities such as visiting the museums, parks, and almost 100 statues in the city. They also ride the famous carousel and participate in the sailboat races at Luxembourg Gardens. Remember to leave some room in your suitcases for your souvenirs and shopping while visiting Paris.

2. Dubrovnik
Dubrovnik city is a popular filming location for the HBO series Game of Thrones. The pristine sea, Baroque churches, and the sandy beaches have made the Kings Landing a favorite holidays destination for tourists. You can head to the beach on a perfect summer day or enjoy an overnight trip to the nearby islands. The city’s appeal has also attracted celebrities such as Roman Abramovich, Beyonce, and Bob Geldof among others. The increased number of visitors at Dubrovnik has influenced the real estate Croatia industry with most of the resident of the Old town selling their lands to promote tourism.

3. Barcelona
The mystery city of Barcelona is renowned for its beautiful architectural designs. You can take pleasure in the attractions sites at Park Guell or take a walk along the serene shades of medieval Gothic Quarter streets. Your visit to the beach will make your afternoon more pleasant before being part of the nightlife at El Raval. You may also choose to enjoy the mosaic walls and sculptures on your way to the Montjuic Magic Fountain or watch the sunset from the Montjuic Castle. Other popular attractions in the city include Picasso Museum, The Cathedral, and La Sagrada Familia monument among others.
Europe has diverse cultures and interesting tourist attractions. Each city comes with its own unique attractions and experiences perfect for your holidays. The magical blend of modern and ancient civilizations in almost all cities makes it an ideal holiday destination for people of all ages. Some cities may be more expensive than others, but the experience you will get from your time in Europe is worth every coin. Therefore, if you are planning for a fun-filled escape with your friends or family this summer, then Europe is the best places to be.

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