Top 10 Anniversary Gifts Couples Expect from Family and Friends

Is this the time for anniversary hoping and the list is long? Don’t worry! There are a number of options to wrap this season for the loved ones. Couples have different preference pertaining to gifts from each other. The same expectation varies when compared to family and friends. It is the hardest part to decide but not impossible. With a little research, the gifts can be nailed at the right place.

Here’s what couples expect from friends and families on anniversary

This is the time when a couple tied the knot years ago and the guests add to the memories. Why not recreate the magic once again by gifting something unforgettable ranging from inexpensive to expensive gifts.

  1. A Photo Collage: It does sound cliché but nothing like the expression this piece of gift can bring on the face of the newly-weds or maybe old gracefully old couples. Memories brought together in the form of a photo collage can be worth it.
  2. Bottle of Wine: Wine is loved by one and all. Make the anniversary happening and grooving with an expensive bottle of sparkling wine that the couples would love to have in the personal time.
  3. Bouquet: A big bunch of flowers that the couples love can be a good surprise. This can be done best when before the bouquet is ordered, one has known the choices of the couples. Flowers can make anyone’s day and fill one with happiness and overwhelm.
  4. Cake: This can be a personal gift. Anniversary gets a kick start with the cutting of a delicious cake. How about sending anniversary cake to India in case the presence of the sender is not feasible? Mind the flavor of the cake though.
  5. Pillow Case: Currently, everyone is either buying or customizing pillow cases to give that personal touch to the bedroom. The receiver is sure to appreciate the effort is getting the best pillow case that speaks of the relationship.
  6. Couple Watch: Watches can be amazing gifts when it comes to gifting closed ones. If it is the anniversary of one’s best friend, mom and dad or any of the siblings, then couple watches come handy but leave a great impact. Every time, the receiver wears it, the sender will be reminded of.
  7. Gift vouchers: There are many gift vouchers that can be gifted. Sometimes, it gets difficult for one to decide on the best gift. In such cases, a gift voucher is the only best idea.
  8. Holiday Trip: Let the couples relive the honeymoon period by gifting holiday trip to a foreign location. Trips to local places will have equal impact as it is the emotion that will show and not the budget.
  9. Smartphones: Smartphones are catching up on everyone’s need these days and gifting one can be a thoughtful gift that will give utility for long. So this anniversary, gift something unique.
  10. Adventure: If the couples love adventure sports, then giving passes to one of the events happening in future can make the day. Trust me! The initiative will be loved and remembered lifelong.

Don’t let the anniversary of closed ones be the conventional type. Let it be different with any of the options to choose from above. Double the excitement and double the pleasure with memory wrapped in love!

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