I Took A Pill in Ibiza: Things to Do When Visiting Ibiza, Spain

Everyone probably knows that Ibiza is all about the fantastic night. Here is a fun fact; Ibiza is about ten times the size of Manhattan, and in this particular area, you will find a broad diversity of sceneries, events and cultural interests to enjoy. You just need to know where to look. Here are some of the things you should try when you’re going to conquer Ibiza.

Watch the Sunset in Es Vedra

Es Vedra is a rocky, small island established off on the west coast of Ibiza.  According to legend, it was once home to the sea sirens and nymphs who sought to seduce Ulysses in Homer’s Odyssey. Some say that it’s the peak of Atlantis, the lost city.

Whatever the scenario, Es Vedra does seem to hold magical characters, especially when the sun sets behind it. Many travellers said that the scenes of Es Vedra during sunset were worth all the hassle and traffic it took to reach the viewpoint at the beach of Cala d’Hort, calling it magical and even lovely.

Fine Beach of Cala Comte

Cala Comte features impressive hay of sand located about fifteen miles west side of Ibiza Town. Defined by powdery sands, shallow waters, and warm waves, Cala Comte is an ideal spot for all tourists.

Others may call Cala Comte as one of the prettiest shores they have ever visited, along with its rocky coves, lovely beach, and calm waters. Many people are recommending to enjoy an Ibiza sunset from this resort or from one of the restaurants that overlook the fine sands.

Search History in D’Alt Vila

D’Alt Vila, which means “High Town,” is the higher and older half of Ibiza Town. This place is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is where you will find some of Ibiza’s remarkable culture and history.

You can witness in this area the story told in art, architecture, and the several museums. Inside the strong walls, you can also find bars, shops, and other restaurants, so take your time to roam around and enjoy the scene.

Get Amazed at Formentera

The smallest and sleepiest of Spain’s Balearic Islands, the charm of Formentera will capture the heart of any traveller. This place is free from the nightclubs, so it has a calm and comfortable vibe.

This island’s greatest lure is its organic beauty. You can jump to its clear waters, fine, white sands, and dramatic walking tracks. Further, you can visit the perfect Formentera through a day trip from Ibiza.

Tour the Park of Ses Salines

Ses Salines is one of the parks on the island. Found between the southern part of Ibiza and northern side of  Formentera, the park is constructed mostly of water and is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The park is habitat for many different types of plants like the underwater plant Posidonia oceanica, which is an organism that helps balance the Mediterranean environment. Here, you can witness 177 variety of plants, and about 210 species of birds like the Balearic shearwater, flamingo, Audouin’s gull, and many more.

Dance in Space, Privilege, and Pacha

You have nothing to compare to the superb clubs of Ibiza. Honestly, the other clubs in the world are the runner-up. Privilege bar alone can hold around 10,000 tourists, while Pacha is the all-year club, and a pick of the residents, as well as the travellers.

Further, Space created the idea of the day-club, launching their parties when the other bars are beating you out of the door when morning comes. In Ibiza, anyone can party till they drop of fatigue.


Indeed, Ibiza is one of the places where young travellers get crazy and get loose. Tourists primarily visit Ibiza to feel the wild nightlife, famous nightclubs, and the sunny Mediterranean coastlines.

While Ibiza is commonly popular for its nightlife and clubs, there are other things that tourists can do such as visiting the parks and lovely beaches of Cala Comte. So pack your luggage now that you can shop from online sites like Deal Wiki, and start your Ibiza adventure.


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