To-be Punjabi Bride: You Got to Have These in You

The diversity and culture in India make it a perfect place to stay. Here, different communities exist and have different customs and beliefs, which come in front, when there is a marriage going-to-be.
And when it comes of marriage, then I guess all of you have to marry once in a life and if it is a Punjabi wedding and your parents searching a groom for you through Punjabi matrimony,then I am not kidding, but you should know all these what I am going to tell you now.
Joining as a Punjabi Bride is no less that becoming a one-man army
Do not be afraid as you are not going to face a war, but the instances that will happen would be no less than a war, in a positive way. So, let us see that what you are going to face while getting in a Punjabi Clan.
  • Your mother-in-law can sue you for not having a Red Lipstick (Suhag Ki Nishani): Jokes apart, but a reality; Red Lipstick is a resemblance of Suhag Ki Nishani in Punjabi families, as they do not wear Sindoor. So, keep it in your kitty always, even if you are going to Sabji-Mandi for purchasing Vegetables (Bhaji).
  • Get the accent Kanneda (Canada) and the importance of being an NRI:There can be possibilities that some of your relatives from husband’s side could belong to Canada and hence, always take them as valuable relatives. And never stare them while they spell Canada as Kannedaand America as Umrica.
  • You will get and will have to cook Paranthas: No matter what time and what day, there is always an adrenaline rush for Paranthas, all types of stuffed parathas. Therefore, if you do not know then get to know. However, your mother-in-law (Bebbe) will teach you somehow.
  • Dance is always on-tip: Punjabi families and peoples are very jovial and they always share their happiness through dance, Burraaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! So, never ever say that you do not know how to shake-a-leg. Before you get married, take some lessons on Punjabi beats.
  • Non-Veg; Butter Chicken is must: As in English Alphabet, we call B is for Balloon, Punjabis will say, B is for Butter Chicken. So, be prepared and must know how to cook a delicious Butter Chicken.
  • Ji should be the suffix while addressing: Like they say, “Sardaarpiche Ji jaroorlagaida,” similarly, if you are addressing anybody in your family, make sure you are like, mummy ji, papa ji, didiji, etc. Your in-laws can feel offended if not so.
  • You must know how to cook Makke Di Roti, Sarso da Saag: Typically, a Punjabi cuisine which every woman knows how to cook is, Makke Di Roti and Sarso Da Saag. But for a Punjabi groom, no one can match the taste and skills of his Beeji (mother).
Well, these pointers are enough to make you a good Punjabi bride who can make her in-laws happy of what she does. However, these traits are not must-to-have things, but yeah, these should be in you. 

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