Tips To Be A Fantastic Parent

Not all advice applies for all parents. Parenting tips are different for every individual because they depend on whether they are intended for parents with young children or teenagers, for example.
Also, educating your children in accordance with what you know and can do, is one reason why different tips are not useful for every parent.
However, there are tips that are applicable, regardless of how old your children are. These “old-fashioned” tips are actually always in fashion.
First of all, you are not a friend to your child
It is important to have a good relationship with your children, but it does not mean that you should tell them everything. It’s fine to talk openly about everything, but there are issues that are not appropriate to be discussed in front of children, and in addition there are things they do not need to know because they are just kids.
Even when your child says that they prefer to have you as their best friend, all they really need is a parent to whom they can always rely on and a person they can always learn from. Be their support, be a friend to them and, above all, be a parent, it is your most important role in their lives.
Nobody is a perfect parent and neither are you
Do not try to be a perfect parent. It is certainly impossible. You just cannot do everything “right”, because people define “right” differently.
The most important thing is that you love your child and take care of them without a mistake in your own way, since that is the only correct way.
Be the kind of parent you always wanted to have
Treat others the way you would want them to treat you. This rule applies for both – parents and children. Do not be the kind of parent that you would never want to have. Show respect for your children and they will respect you too. Kids learn everything through examples, so by showing your behavior, you are actually showing them how they should behave.
Be careful with what you say in front of your children
Small kids absorb virtually everything to what they are exposed to. Therefore, pay attention to what you say in front of them. If you do not want them to learn bad words, do not use them.
Given that children learn from other people, make sure that you are not a bad example for your children with your behavior and words. Also, at an earlier age children remember many of the things that their parents say and do, so this is another reason why you should be very careful with what you say, not only in their presence, but also directly to them.
Keep your promises
Regardless of whether it comes to a reward or discipline, do not give up on what you said you will do. If you threaten to ground your child and you don’t do it, they will make the same mistake again and little by little you will lose your authority and power as a parent.

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