Tips for improving live video streaming

Many guys are passionate as regards live streaming. Those intending to become efficient in this field are advised to consider the following:

  • Ethernet Connection – The live stream can be taken to the next level by improving your internet connection. Its speed can be improved by switching over from the WiFi to a wired LAN. Faster, reliable and more usable bandwidth between you and the router can be enjoyed with this method.
  • Interaction with viewers – Great viewership can be enjoyed with interfacing. With the ability to ask questions, make comments and interaction with you; the viewers shall be able to have great impact on the live stream. With the live chat window next to the broadcast or conducting a question and answer session goes a long way in creating engaging audience members that would come back to your stream time and again.
  • Nearness to WiFi signal – Those not able to connection with the Ethernet cable but wishing to enjoy great video streaming may be closer to the signal to the maximum extent. It is helpful in strengthening the stream and eliminates the connection problems. Likewise getting closer to the router is also much useful as it prevents signal blocking.
  • Backing up – Viewers are able to access the VoD, i.e. Video on Demand if the entire live stream is backed up. Backing up the equipment is also necessary. It includes a backup camera, microphones, headphones, iPhones or xylophones etc.
  • Advance planning – This is necessary if you intend to enjoy great live video streaming. Get to the location in advance for checking the conditions, lighting, sound, distractions or other things to avoid any problem in the final stages. Do check the internet connection. It is possible that the 5MBps connection promised to you is in fact less than 1 MBps and that would ruin everything. The viewers should know the scheduling and the way to have access the stream. The viewers can be informed about any changes by making use of the apt marketing strategies and social media platforms.
  • Remain organized – Live video streaming can be made easier and enjoyable by remaining organized. The cables must be kept in organized manners to avoid unplugging during the broadcast and having game plans is also useful.
  • Testing – Test run is a must as regards live streaming. Running a full test at the venue is a must. Do check if sound, lighting and encoder work well? Likewise a test on the microphones, cameras and other equipment is also necessary.
  • CDN, i.e. content delivery network provider – It is greatly helpful in making the broadcast to reach more people. Reliable CDN platforms help in enjoying big viewership from different backgrounds and places.
  • Closing programs/applications – It is advised to close all unused programs like the anti-virus if the stream is slow or choppy.
  • Be on time – It is wise to do all things in time to stay away from disappointment in any manner.

Adherence to the above simple tips can be greatly helpful in enjoying great live video streaming and enhanced viewership.

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