Tips for Check-in Process at the Airport

If you travel on Friday or Sunday or on a three day weekend or in a busy airport, you may encounter long lines at the check-in area. Here are some ways to keep the line moving:

Read instruction signs when you arrive at the check in area. Every day people hold up the self-check in line because they followed the person ahead of them there when they actually want someone to do it for them. Agents make themselves hoarse asking passengers to step up to an available kiosk. Do not stand in the First Class line if you are not travelling first class or are not an upper level frequent flier. If you do not know your frequent flier status, your level is not high enough for the special line. Preferred fliers know their perks.

Fill out baggage identification tags before you get in line or while you wait. Better yet, buy sturdy tags before you arrive at the airport or fill out the tag that fits in the little pocket on the back of some bags. They are more secure than the paper tags airlines offer. Wait until you are asked to place your bag on the scale. Someone may finish checking in before you and you have to stop what you are doing to remove your bags and the other passengers and agents have to wait for you to do so.

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Count the number of bags your group is checking before it is your turn at the counter. If you are checking a bag, have your ID handy. Airlines are required to verify IDs for checked bags. Strictly speaking, you must check your own bag. If Mom checks two bags while Dad parks the car, Mom is looking at a second bag fee, not two lower first bag fees. An agent my allow it but it is against policy so do not count on it.

If your bag is overweight and you decide to redistribute items to other bags, step out of line and move your bag out of the way of other travellers. In a perfect world, you weighed your bag before you left your home.

Your next stop on the way to the gate is the inspection area, a separate inspection point from the one in which checked baggage is screened. Some airports have a central ID inspection area that fans out to a checkpoint with many fast-moving lines. Some airports have a checkpoint at each concourse. You will be entertained by video instructions while you wait but judging by the delays caused by unprepared travellers, few pay attention to the video. If you hold the thought in your head that the inspection point was organized to ensure your safety, the ordeal may be more bearable.

If you brought a beverage with you, guzzle it before you reach the checkpoint. There will be beverage purchase opportunities after you clear inspection point. Identification–a government issued photo ID, passport or driver license preferred— and a boarding pass are required to enter the checkpoint. To know the details about the check-in process at EasyJet, you can use the Easyjet contact number and speak directly to their customer care representatives.

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