Three Reasons Why You Should Write To Inmates

Technology has definitely come a far way. It is not only extremely helpful but entertaining and convenient to use as well. However, the most important task of technology is to connect people, to help them communicate with each other. Nowadays, there are various kinds of apps in your Smartphone that help you connect, share and communicate with people in interesting ways and more effectively. However, easy communication seems to be a bit difficult when it comes to communicating with someone inside the jail. Now, jails are supposed to work that way. However, the letters you write to your inmate/s don’t have to reach them so late, it takes weeks. You can easily contact inmates now with the help of offenders connect apps like Jail Mail and get your message delivered in hours or few days. Besides all this, the issue also remains on the ethical background of it all. Should you write to a prisoner? Even if you are their family, friends, partner or someone they have known, should you write to an inmate? Is it morally right? They have already been judged and are serving their sentence, so the right thing to do here would be to help them stay in the right path by communicating to them even in prison.
 Three reasons why you should write to inmates:

  1. To get your message across: This sounds very plain, but getting your message across can mean so many things. Whether you need to keep your inmate friend motivated to behave better and get their sentence reduced, update them on how the world is changing outside, or just help them through this self-realization process they are going through in the jail, you can do so many things with a single message. But how to write an inmate? It has gotten so easy these days, all you need a reliable app that specializes in connecting inmates and other people.
  2. For healthy relationships: If somebody in your family is in the prison, then that alone can create quite a turmoil in the family. It’s in times like these that family needs to stand together and help each other out. Communicating with your family member who is an inmate is actually healthy for your family relationships.
  3. For motivation: they say more crime goes on inside the cells than outside. It can be difficult for inmates who want to check off their past and move on stay positive in jail environments. Writing to them can help them stay motivated to be on good behavior and be better person when they get out. Apps that provide services like offenders connect can be very helpful.

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