Things You Can do With Your Airline Miles

Frequent flyer programs have gotten fairly popular with time. Airline miles which are the main crux of these programs are now commonly used by travelers and businessmen. But of course, it takes time, understanding and patience to fully understand how a program works. The general aspects of every frequent flyer program are similar and there are only a few minor differences in the terms and conditions. If you are part of a frequent flyer program and have airline miles accumulated in your account, here are some common things you can do with them.

  1. Redeem them on your next flight

Some expert travelers have been known to bag free domestic flights with their airline miles but before we reach their level of expertise, start with the baby steps. One of the most common uses of airline miles is getting discounts on the air tickets. In fact, for travelers, it makes most sense to redeem the miles on an air ticket as they are a major travel expense. How much discount you will get depends on the number of airlines miles you have and your airline’s policy.

  1. Use them for shopping

If you don’t have travel plans for anytime soon, there are other numerous uses for your hard earned miles. Shopping is one option. Who doesn’t like shopping? Frequent flyer programs have linked themselves with certain brands and online shopping portals where you can redeem miles to bag discounts on the things you purchase. How cool is that!

  1. Dine out with your friends or family

Yes, you have guessed right. Frequent flyer programs also have a dining program. Through this program, you can redeem your airline miles on your restaurant bill. Of course the miles only work at partner restaurants. Rest assured that you will find many good restaurants associated with renowned frequent flyer programs.

  1. Sell them online

Contrary to popular belief, you can sell airline miles. The airline will never tell you this nor will the website mention it. But it does happen. Although the airline discourages this practice, it is not exactly illegal. So no, you don’t have to worry about legal action. There are multiple online forums on the web where you can sell airline miles. They are simple to use and easy to understand. Why not sell your miles if you have no other use for them. Better than letting them expire.

  1. Get a discount on your hotel bill

After the air ticket, the next major expense for a traveler is the cost of accommodation. Good news is that now partner hotels offer you the option of discounts in exchange of your airline miles. It does not get any better than this.

  1. Redeem them on your rental car

It gets very easy getting around in a foreign country if you have a rental car. But sadly, they aren’t cheap to acquire. It really helps if you have miles to bag a good discount.

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