The Ultimate Guide to Prepare for JEE 2018

To crack the JEE 2018, one needs to have a well-organised study strategy. The study demands the candidates not just to be academically strong but also have other skills like approach, situational intelligence, analytical skills, and time management. Here is the ultimate guide to preparing for IIT JEE:

  1. Time Management

Managing your time is the most important thing that you need to emphasise on while you are giving your JEE exam. While preparing, do not procrastinate and always aim for incremental improvement. According to research, you can quickly turn essential tasks into habits. This can be done by merely following the same schedule for 21 days at a stretch. Managing the time will also prove to be beneficial during the exams as you will gather the expertise in solving the questions within the time limit.

  1. Prepare a Plan

Every morning when you wake up, make it a habit of spending 15 – 30 minutes just to plan the agenda of your day. Doing this everyday will always keep your brain informed about the number of tasks you are required to finish and hence you will waste much less time. See, how time management and planning your day are so related!

  1. Know the Exam Pattern and Syllabus Well

The JEE 2018 syllabus is vast and to ace it with an excellent rank, you must ensure that you go through all the subjects and achieve an equal command over all of them. It is best to study all the difficult topics first and then solve the problems to gain mastery over them. Some topics in the JEE Main have more weightage over others, so putting more efforts on these crucial areas will help you score highmarks on the actual exam.

  1. Online or OfflineCoaching Classes

Coaching classes are an essential part of your JEE Preparation. Having clear concepts will ensure that you score a top rank and get that extra edge over others in the examination. Earlier, coaching centres were considered the best for candidates preparing for JEE exams. However, now you can have access to lectures and study materials right at your fingertips, thanks to the availability of online IIT coaching classes. According to statistics, most of the students are now opting for Online IIT coaching classes as compared to the physical media such as study centres. You can also take help from Aakash iTutor – digital learning medium.

  1. Solve Sample Papers and Mock Tests

Solving previous year’s JEE question papers, mock tests and sample papers will help you understand the exam pattern for the Mains and Advanced exam. Moreover, regular practice will also give you additional confidence by making you able to tackle similar problems in your JEE exam quite easily.

  1. Sleep Well and Eat Healthily

One of the most crucial factors for JEE preparation is taking good care of your health. If you stay healthy, then you can give your best shot in the exams. However, if you are nocturnal and your diet is poor, then you might come across various distractions and health issues. Due to these disturbances, your preparation will not be as fruitful as it would have been otherwise.

It is vital for JEE 2018 aspirants across the country to work on their overall development to score maximum. Always remember that academic knowledge is only half the battle, your behaviour and commitment towards the schedule defines the rest.So, follow the above steps toperform great in JEE 2018.All the best!

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