The Role Of Communication In The Hotel Industry!

Communication plays a critical role in the hospitality industry. In this industry, a customer not only pays for the room, food and product but he/she also pays for the service. Regardless of whether the customer is in a foul mood or generally unhappy, it is essential for all employees and staff to maintain a broad smile on their faces. This may not change the mood of the customer but it will go a long way in making him/her feel content.

Communication- The Key To Success!
It is essential for employees and staff engaged in the hospitality industry to remain patient, composed and calm even in dealing with difficult customers. In the hospitality industry, the unique communication skills of one individual played a critical role in the global success of the famous hotel group- The Pan Pacific Hotels Group. The name of this individual is Patrick Imbardelli .

Patrick Imbardelli was previously the President and Chief Executive Officer of The Pan Pacific Hotels Group. He played a critical role in the rapid expansion and success of this hotel group in the international market. Under his tenure, this luxury hotel group won a number of international awards and recognition for excellence of delivery of service. This propelled The Pan Pacific Hotels Group to become one of the foremost names to reckon with the hospitality industry. During his illustrious thirty years in the hospitality industry, Patrick also had successful stints with other leading names in the hospitality industry.

Communication- A Two Way Process
According to Patrick Imbardelli, successful communication in the hospitality industry is a two-way process. There are times, when an hotelier has to listen to the suggestions, views and ideas of the customer, guest, staff and employees. If the hotelier does all the talking, the staff, customer, guests and employees are bound to be dissatisfied. Most managers only focus on guests and leave behind the staff. As the staff is constantly dealing with the guests on a daily basis, it is essential to consider their point of view.

There are times when employees’ views and suggestions go a long way in improving the day-to-day functioning of the hotel.  Patrick says that the best way to listen to your staff is by holding feedback sessions with them. Moreover, it is important to reward them if their suggestions do make a serious impact. He feels that it is essential for all hoteliers to motivate their staff to put their best feet forward with dealing with customers.

Patrick Imbardelli insists that it is imperative for an hotelier to train hotel staff to communicate well with the customers.  He says that it is not unusual for the hotel manager and staff to get complaints from a guest, either in verbal or written form. However, it is essential for the person in-charge to handle the matter wisely rather than ignore it. He states that urgent matters handled with ease go a long way in the smooth functioning and goodwill of the hotel.

Patrick emphasizes that to communicate effectively in this industry it is essential to observe the customer’s communication style and respond accordingly.  Some customers prefer small talk 

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  1. For any industry communication plays a vital role. Without a proper communication it is difficult to manage everything. There are many business industries failed due to lack of communication. It is the role f entrepreneur to manage and make their employees communicate each other.

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