The Nitty-Gritty Of JUUL Pods And Devices

There is an amazing reason why the JUUL device and its pods do not feature any text paragraphs as regards how to have it set up. Simply, there are no paragraphs to write whatsoever about that. It’s just that you might desire to take notes when reading through this nitty-gritty of the device. The device features two kinds of kits, one kind of pod, as well as all manners of exquisite options when talking of the flavours it offers.

Starter kit

Designed to help smokers of conventional cigarettes, the starter kit from this amazing brand comprises the device itself, 4 e-liquid pods offered in 1.7% nicotine strength, as well as a USB charging dock to be used in charging your device’s battery quite easily. The kit comes featuring royal crème, glacier mint, mango nectar, as well as golden tobacco flavours. Furthermore, it is accompanied by a 2-year limited device warranty as well. These are the features that combine to determine the JUUL price that you presently get in the market.

Device kit

Designed as much for vapers as it is for smokers of conventional cigarettes, the device kit provides the same truly simple JUUL device, but minus the pods to get users started. This is an excellent option for seasoned vapers who already possess a bit of experience with their exclusive vaping taste buds and can, therefore, choose from the wide array of varying flavours that are offered by the brand.

The official statement of the ‘why’ of the product is offered on the company’s official website. In summary, the points that the statement manages to cover in a single sentence include lightly touching on the actual benefits of nic salts and making the switch.

In conclusion, people love JUUL for lots of varying reasons. It is simple enough for even a moron to manage, fits into the palm of even standard hands, features that exquisite design and quality build that you can always feel the instant you hold it. In the long run, though, it offers a smooth, rapid-delivering nicotine rush that’s offered in varying amazing flavours.

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