The Most Common Problems Travelers Face at an Airport

Getting an air ticket, booking a hotel room and navigating through a new city may be daunting but in reality it really is not that big a deal as people make it out to be. Traveling is all about fun so venture out to your travel journey with a relaxed and prepared mind. When your brain is prepared mentally, little ups and downs hardly affect you. This is why I have made out a list of the most common problems one can face at the airport. Knowing about them will definitely help you avoid the issues and deal with them better.

Don’t expect internet connectivity in all areas

Granted there are many fancy airports around the world but do not expect an internet coverage at every airport. In fact, now many airports do have an internet connection but most of the time, the speed is pretty bad due to high demand. It is better to go to the airport either with your mobile data plan activated or with a made up mind that you may not find internet to pass your time.

Expect long queues

This is no unknown fact that security has been beefed up in every airport of the world. You have to go through security lines and the process is a tedious one. Knowing that you would have to wait in the queues helps you deal with the situation better. You cannot really do anything else with this certain issue. Stand in the line knowing that this is for your own safety.

You may not find a seat for yourself

The waiting time period at the airport certainly is difficult to pass but it turns worse if you don’t find a seat. There are usually a limited number of seats near the boarding area and during rush times, the seats are all taken. This is not a problem for the business class and first class passengers though. I had traveled through business class of Cathay Pacific a year ago, and not only did I get priority boarding but also enjoyed waiting at a fancy lounge reserved for business class users only. Maybe this is why going through Cathay Pacific economy class gave me bit of a shock. But hey, on the bright side, your carry-on can work as a seat temporarily. And if all else fails, you can always just sit on the floor with your back resting on a wall.

Navigation issues

Airports are huge. Take Heathrow airport as an example. Since no one is familiar with airports of foreign countries, navigation may be harder than normal. Look out for an airport map or seek help from airport staff if you don’t want to waste time.

No power outlets

Keep all your gadgets charged before you head out to the airport as you won’t find a power outlet there. It is a shame that only business and first class lounges have power outlets, and even those are limited in number.

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