The Contrasting Wedding Taditions In Delhi and Chennai

Indian wedding ceremonies have a number of customs and rituals, each of which is symbolic of the beautiful sentiments associated with the weddings. Whether it is a Punjabi wedding in Delhi or a traditional south Indian wedding in Chennai, the fervour and charm of the wedding ceremonies is same everywhere. India is a place of different communities and versatile cultures, but there are a few common things and sentiments which connect all these cultures together while making India a great nation. Among these common factors are the lavishly celebrated wedding ceremonies in each culture. Most of the Indians prefer traditional weddings with various ceremonies representing distinct practices related to the weddings and among the integral part of these wedding ceremonies are the photographic recording of the precious moments. 

Wedding Photography

Traditional Punjabi Weddings in Delhi

The typical Delhi based weddings carry an intense Punjabi flavour and are among the most extravagantly celebrated big fat Indian weddings. Right from the engagement and mehandi till the vidaai of the bride, the people in the wedding dress up in bright coloured dresses which have been festooned with glittering jewellery. Wedding Photography is always an integral part of all the wedding functions. The role of a photographer is very vital in the typical Delhi based Punjabi weddings as it helps in capturing some of the most precious moments of the couple which they will cherish for the rest of their lives.

However, the photographer needs to be very efficient as there are several functions in a Punjabi wedding which are organized at night, like the jaago ceremony where the people and relatives from the groom’s family go out with a decorated pot while rejoicing and dancing together in celebration.

When it comes to the zest of the wedding ceremonies and photographic clicking of the valuable moments, south Indian Chennai based weddings are no exception. Though the wedding is a complete contrast to conventional Punjabi wedding, as it begins early morning around 4 am in the morning, but people attending the wedding can be seen in complete joyous and celebratory mood. The ladies are dressed up in typical kanchivaram sarees and the males can be spotted in traditional south Indian attires.

Chennai Based Wedding Photography is among the most essential and one of the central partnnai es of the south Indian weddings as well. The couples’ exclusive photography has become one of the key traditions of the wedding as these are some moments which will always keep the wedding memories alive for them. South Indian weddings are known for the typical traditional set-up of the wedding stage and even the entrance gate is decorated as per tradition with the full grown plantain trees. Thus, it’s very important for the wedding photographer to ensure that he/ she captures all the wedding arrangements and the decoration with great carefulness so that the moments can become a lifetime memory for the couple. The lighting and the timing of the photographs must be taken care of very carefully.

Traditions of a Chennai based South Indian Wedding

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