The Care and Maintenance Tips for Hearing Aids

The hearing aids available today are modern devices working with advanced technology. Though they are pretty durable, the lifespan will actually depend on how much you care about it. It is necessary to take daily care so that they do not get damaged. The hearing aids available at can be looked after with simple tips.
The daily care tips you need to know for your hearing aid
Cleaning: Ensure that there is no moisture on your device. Always wipe with a clean and dry cloth. If there is wax on it, clean it off using a brush. Do not clean with any liquid or cleaning agent. If there is any dirt or wax that cannot be removed, then it is better to seek the advice of the audiologist.
Winter care: During winter, moisture can get accumulated inside the electrical components of the hearing aid which can damage the device. Hence, extra care is needed to keep your hearing aid in good condition during cold season.
Storage: Choose a dry space to store the hearing aid when not in use. Never put it away anywhere, especially under sunlight or in your car. Remove it before you enter the bathroom and store in a proper place.
The don’ts: If you are taking a bath, in a tub, hot or cold bath, do not use it. Second, never use any spray, be it hair spray or perfume, on it.  Even using aftershave while you have it on is not a good idea. Also, using a hair dryer when you are wearing your hearing aid can cause the temperature to change which can lead to condensation drops formation. Visit for more such tips. Talk to a professional audiologist. He will also prescribe the right hearing aid. The more you can take care of your hearing aid, the more years it will work well.
Hearing devices are not for adventures: If you love skiing or any other fun activities on snow, ensure that you are not wearing the hearing aid. Store it away in a dry place before you venture out. The reason is though you may not sweat in snow, your body will produce moisture which can affect the device.
Instructions to keep in mind: After taking a bath, wipe your ears, the external area and the inside regions properly so as to ensure that your ears are devoid of any moisture. Only then wear the hearing device. Using sweat socks will be a good idea. Keep it protected in a nice box and always keep it in a dry place. Just as too loud noises can be damaging to the ear drum, so can such noise cause damage to the hearing aid. Cover your ears if you are near a high-noise place. This will protect the device. Always remove the battery when you are not using the hearing aid.
Taking extra care of the hearing aid will not only ensure that it will function well for a long time but it will also function to its optimum.

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