The Best Tips on Planning and Organizing Tours for Retired Senior Citizens

The Best Tips on Planning and Organizing Tours for Retired Senior Citizens

Among the important provisions in developed nations are programs designed to cater to retired people and senior citizens. In the UAE, it’s a countrywide policy to ensure the quality of life of the elderly members of society. It’s a movement designed to offer greater social inclusion for them.

Therefore, in the last several years, there has been a boom in services that do not only address the unique requirements of seniors, but leisure provisions for them have also increased as well. This is because a large percentage of senior folks also seek to restore vigor into their lives.

One of the sectors that pays close attention to the leisure demands of the elderly is travel and tourism. Travel companies are aware that a lot of the retired and senior members of society have the means to finance their desire for recreation and other fun activities. Thus, it’s a smart business move to design travel packages purely intended for the “golden” market.

Designing Travel Packages Senior Folks Will Enjoy

Over the years, senior travel packages have become not only quite popular and enjoyable, but they have also become more dynamic as well. The activities are diverse and have been studied meticulously to ensure the satisfaction of a very discriminating audience.

So, if you are a member of the travel sector that aims to boost your business performance by catering to the elderly market, it’s imperative to come up with thoroughly organized and exciting tour packages. Here are some tips that can help:

1. Ensure a comfortable ride

To guarantee the satisfaction of older tourists, it’s a must to make travel as physically comfortable as possible. So, choose your vehicle hire wisely. Say, you’ll be renting a coaster bus for the trip, opt for a spacious and luxurious model. Look into the high-end bus rental in Dubai first and inspect the comfort features of the vehicles, such as adjustable and plush seats, strong air conditioning, and others.

Likewise, pay attention to how many passengers the vehicle can seat. This is a vital factor to consider because most seniors that enjoy travel are usually part of a club. They prefer to travel as a big group and do not want to get separated even during rides.

2. Include entertainment in the vehicle

It’s not enough that the bus has a TV where you can show movies or TV programs that tourists could watch during transit. You must come up with an entertaining program to keep everybody’s energy and excitement up.

Bus karaoke is always a good idea, so choose a bus with built-in high-quality entertainment and sound system — especially for long-distance travel. Research songs that the travel pack would be hugely familiar with. Come up with fun games as well and make sure to provide prizes such as popular local produce and souvenirs from the different stops of the tour.

Language lessons can also be quite fun and helpful, especially if you want your travel packages to also cater to tourists from abroad. Provide them with highly useful phrases when you stop at shopping destinations and restaurants.

3. Make sure to stop at many roadside stations

Bear in mind that older folks need to go to the loo often. Thus, include several stops at roadside stations with well-maintained comfort rooms. These stops are completely essential if your coaster bus rental doesn’t come with its own lavatory.

It’s worth emphasizing, as well, to establish how long the stay at the roadside station or rest stop would be. This way, if the station has a market that sells unique products, there will be enough time for the tourists who do not need to use the comfort facilities to shop for a bit without causing any delay to the schedule.

Consider getting in touch with the management of the roadside stations, too, and suggest creating an express lane for your travel group so you can stick to your travel schedule more easily.

4. Highlight the seasons

If you want to increase the chances of your travel company in securing the engagement of the same client group, come up with seasonal senior tour packages. Take full advantage of what every season can offer in terms of sights, activities, and most especially food and other produce.

Remember, you have a client group that has a strong buying power and is looking for activities to keep them busy now that they’re retired and have a lot of time on their hands. Be ready to provide them with tour packages to look forward to.

Here are some great destinations and activities for seasonal tours:

  • Retro parts of the city: One thing’s for sure, senior folks will always welcome a trip down memory lane. Therefore, incorporate a touch of nostalgia to your tour packages by visiting museums and cultural heritage sites.
  • Relaxation resorts: Spas, hot springs, and other places that can provide senior travel groups with an opportunity to rejuvenate themselves should always be included in seasonal tours.
  • Nature stops: Scenic spots such as the Al Wathba Wetland Reserve whose appearance morphs as the seasons change can bring great delight to senior travel groups, as well. They can have a picnic here, take photos, paint, or take short hikes.
  • Specialist local cuisine restaurants: Authentic local cuisine dining establishments have always been known to create menus that feature seasonal ingredients. They are perfect stops for meals.

Seniors Deserve the Best

Travel companies definitely have their work cut out for them. Designing and organizing tour packages for senior citizens offers boundless opportunities for creativity. Hopefully, the tips above can help in your goal of providing these valuable members of society the best services that they fully deserve.

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