The Art of Gifting Flowers

Flowers top the list when it comes to unexpected gift surprises, be it that special someone, your friends or people at work. With Geoponics Inc., your leading flower delivery service in Toronto, you will get the freshest and loveliest flower arrangements of all times.

The purpose of gift giving, whether to individuals or business associates, is to please the recipient. The reasons for giving gift may vary, but what’s important is that you put some thought on gift-giving. And when it comes to the most popular gifts of all time, flowers top the list. 

One of the most obvious people to gift flowers is your beloved. You’d know their preferences, so it won’t be hard for you to get their favorite blooms every now and them. But what can you do to spice things up? Surprise them! Gift them flowers in unexpected places in unexpected ways. For instance, put the flowers at a place they won’t right away see, but instead discovers them by surprise. You can also send it to their workplace. Not only will it put them in a good mood instantly, but also score you some brownie points. And if you are off to a weekend getaway or a romantic dinner with your partner, put a flower on the passenger’s seat of the car for them, and see how it makes a difference. 

Flowers being such unique gifts, are also a great gift for celebrating your friendships. Want to lift a friend’s spirits or congratulate them on their special feat? Pick a flower that fits their personality, and include your own special note linking the flower to them. Flowers also work great when you want to celebrate those important milestones with a friend, marking special times with flowers will keep the memories alive forever. Other great occasions for gifting flowers to friends are congratulating them on a professional achievement, a baby, or as a big dose of love when they need it the most, such as after a break-up.

We know that flowers are great mood boosters. So why not gift them at workplace? By making it a common practice around workplace, corporates can enhance their employee’s productivity and promote a healthier work environment.

 Here are a few ways flowers can work at office:

  • Say thank you to a co-worker who’ve put extra time or helped you in some way
  • Deliver to a work buddy for a friendship surprise
  • Keep flowers on your desk just to freshen up your space
  • Pick up your favorite blooms at the start of the week to fight off the Monday blues

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