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Ten Tips for Great First Birthday Party Photos

 Birthday shoots are fun, especially if it is first birthday celebration. Capturing little ones playing around and the themes which makes the occasion more fun helps in capturing the best moments.  However, as photography you need to keep high level of patience while clicking kids. It is a challenge to shoot the best candid shot of kids.  If you are planning take a first birthday party photoshootassignment, this article would help you in getting tips for the best shot.

birthday party photoshoot

  • Shooting the Preparation: Preparing for the first birthday party is fun but also a tedious task. So capturing the birthday party preparation like decorating the venue, dressing up of the kid and dressing up the cake design will be a great essence to your shoot.  This will also help you to settle down and shoot calmly.
  • Capturing Candid: Clicking candid shots right from the preparation to the entire events creates magic. This way you can create a story telling images of the first birthday party.
  • Carrying Good Gears: Party events are generally glittery and you can expect some crazy lights that can ruin your photo. So make sure you carry some good gears and also check out the lights which you feel is not needed.
  • Be Fast: As mentioned about, carry a good gear along with you for first birthday party shoot and play with the settings. Keep your camera setting either on manual or program, the latter is best for amateurs. This way you can click instantly to avoid missing any shots.
  • Get Down: To capture kids, you need to get down on the floor and is actually the best angle to shoot them.  Even kids love responding to your shots and you will certainly get the best shot of the event.
  • Capture the Theme: Kids birthday are majorly concentrated on theme. Capturing theme of the event will be like capturing the entire event completely.
  • Carry a Selfie Stick or Camera Hood: There is a huge craze for selfie, so carrying along a selfie stick or camera hood to capture selfie is the best way to keep the fun high and gather kids altogether.
  • Get Close-up Shots: Getting close-up shots of kids creates more magic. Capturing kids smile and their expression is the best way to create best photo.
  • Capture the best Moment: There are many moments during the party event. Right from dressing up to the cake cutting, you must capture every moment. Also make sure to click the picture of the cake in different angles to make it look awesome.
  • Capturing Stuffs too:  Apart from cakes and decorations, there are different stuffs that you must capture. You can go for a close-up of the birthday hats lined up on the table, or the gift bags on the floor. Best birthday photographers can be hire at  canvera

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