Temples In Goa – Another Side Of Goa You Missed To Visit, So Far

Of the many things Goa is popular for, it is also well known for being home to some prominent sites that bear historical importance. It is also well known for its religious sites, particularly the iconic churches and chapels of catholic christians which are a major tourist attraction to the state. This article however talks about the temples in Goa.
Goa is one of the last places anyone would like to go looking for Hindu temples as the state is a stronghold of catholic christians and the most oldest and original occupants and locals of Goa are all Catholic christians. Although today, the population of Hindus have reached an alarming high as it has become a place where people from all over the country come back and retire or take up a job and settle there. Tour packages for Goa apart from beach packages and honeymoon packages includes a visit to religious places, all involving visits to some of the most iconic churches and chapels in Goa. However, here are some of the temples you can find in Goa if you wish to visit the temples during your visit to the state.
Saptakoteshwar Temple
Acclaimed as one of the six respected temples of Lord Shiva in the Konkan region, the Saptakoteshwar temple has a checkered history going back to the twelfth century. Amid that period, Saptakoteshwar was the benefactor divinity of the rulers of Kadampa tradition. In 1352, when Bahamani Sultan Hassan Gangu usurped the Kadamba kingdom, his armed forces vandalized the linga of the Saptakoteshwar temple.
Sri Devaki Krishna Temple
Found 17 km from state capital Panaji, Marcel in Ponda taluka is home to the absolute most hallowed Hindu sanctuaries in Goa. Among these places of worship, Sri Devaki Krishna temple is of awesome religious essentialness. The uniqueness of the Devki Krishna temple lies in the way that it is the main temple in India with the directing god of Devaki Krishna, an intersection of Lord Krishna and his mom Devaki.
Mallikarjun Temple
Situated in the midst of a captivating scene abounding with lavish greenery, the Mallikarjun temple is eminent for its bright celebrations seen and celebrated with grandeur and display. Built by the precursors of the Kshatriya Samaj in sixteenth century, the Mallikarjun sanctuary was hence restored in 1778.
Mahalaxmi Temple
Situated at the heart of the Panaji city, the Mahalaxmi temple is a holy place for Hindu lovers. The Mahalaxmi temple reveres the divinity of Mahalaxmi, the Goddess of riches. Mahalaxmi is additionally respected the directing god of the Panaji city. It is well known for being the principal Hindu temple to be inherent Goa after the Portuguese attack by Alfonso de Albuquerque.
Mahalsa Temple
The rich Mahalsa temple is a standout amongst the most celebrated temples in Goa. The temple is devoted to Goddess Mahalsa, an incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Henceforth the temple is additionally as the Mahalsa Narayani temple, Narayan being another name for Vishnu. It is found one kilometer a remote place from the Mangueshi temple, another noticeable sanctuary in Ponda.

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