Stainless Steel Balustrades, Bright And Attractive

Balustrades are frames that are made with various types of materials like wood, stone or metal that serve different purposes. The most common uses of the balustrades is on the staircases where they act as supports on which people rest their hands, it is very useful for the aged or the disabled people. Verandas or balconies are fixed with the balustrades which act as a protection for children and at the same time provides an unrestricted view of the outdoors. Big shopping malls divided into sections use balustrades for separating them, they also have two entrances, one for in going customers and the other for outgoing customers, the wide staircase which leads to these entrances is separated by a balustrade. The same is the case with cinema halls, auditoriums and places of public utility like railway or bus terminals. Swimming pools use stainless steel balustrades as they are rust free and can resist the moist conditions present there. The same is the case with factories that use corrosive compounds; as compared to many other metals it is more corrosion resistant.

stainless steel balustrade
Though balustrades can be made with a wide variety of materials, the most common among them is stainless steel. The natural bright look of stainless steel does not need further finishing and protective coatings. Whether the surface of it is polished or brushed it is still very smooth to the touch, moreover it is rust free and requires very little maintenance which makes it the most preferred metal. Balustrades are made with hollow sections of stainless steel pipes the shapes of the pipes may vary from round to square or rectangular. They are easy to assemble as most of them have threaded ends and are attached to each other with threaded couplings, in some cases they may also be bolted. Since stainless steel is soft and malleable it can be easily shaped into different designs as compared to other metals, this quality also makes it possible to give it intricate shapes and designs. The decorative fittings on balustrades which give them an attractive appearance are made of sheets which are pressed into the required shape making them lightweight yet durable; this is possible due to the soft and malleable qualities of stainless steel.

The shiny appearance of stainless steel makes it stand out and also blend with most modern construction materials. Many new residential and commercial structures make an extensive use of the stainless steel balustrades as they have a practical use and they give the structure an aesthetic look. Many commercial establishments have balustrades that are not fixed to the floor, they are joined with chains or other types of flexible joints that make it convenient to shift them wherever they are required,   in such cases stainless steel is the preferred metal as it is light weight. 
stainless steel balustrade
Intricate designs made with other metals usually have to be cast, this makes the balustrade heavy. In some cases they may have to be forged which is a time taking procedure and requires a lot of skill. This is not the case with stainless steel as it is more malleable and it can be pressed into the required design easily, this method saves a lot of time and the sections can be mass produced making them less expensive.

Stainless steel can be easily combined with the materials like glass or wood, the center portion can be made of either of these materials and the frame that holds them together can be made of stainless steel giving it a contrasting yet attractive appearance.

 They are also easy to maintain, in many cases a good swipe with a damp cloth will do, in case they are stained or subjected to heavy usage they can be cleaned with cleaning liquids which are easily available. Here read more options for knowing more about stainless steel balustrade and its different verities and usage. 

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