Social Media Marketing or Public Relations: Which One to Choose to Rebuild Your Brand

Los Angeles, California is one of the most valuable markets in the world thanks to its cultural diversity, famous attractions and of course the existence of Hollywood. Keeping up with its high demanding market is certainly tough that’s why consulting with Los Angeles PR firms is a must when you want to strengthen or rebuild your brand after a crisis.

We are all aware of the airline fiasco that happened recently and the impact it had on the reputation of the companies involved. From videos being shared on social media to the tweets of the leaders backfiring on them, we know how easy it is now to sabotage your own brand.
Keep in mind that most people, especially in LA, are almost always connected online and a single tweet or Facebook post can be viral in just a few minutes. This is both a blessing and a curse for a brand and this is one of the factors that may help you in rebuilding your brand.
Be prepared. When it comes to dealing with unprecedented situations like complaints or negative feedbacks, it is more important to be prepared beforehand and act as fast as you can. Time is essential in any crisis situation since your brand’s image and reputation is on the line.

Social Media Marketing and Public Relations

Although Social Media Marketing and Public Relations are entirely different approaches in marketing being used by Los Angeles PR agencies, both of them play an essential role in rebuilding a brand. Social Media Marketing is for dealing with customers directly while Public Relations is for the general public. Both of them will be your lifeline in rebuilding your brand.
Being proactive is more important than being reactive when you are rebuilding your brand. Considering cultural diversity in LA and the divisiveness being more apparent nationwide, it is important to establish what your brand represent and promote. Consumers nowadays are more conscious of the brand’s image and reputation and are more likely to support a brand with the same values as theirs.
Social Media Marketing 
Social media comes handy in establishing your brand’s image and most LA PR agencies use Social Media Marketing in their strategies since this is one of the most effective means of relaying relevant information in a short period of time. Social media platforms are key in reaching your brand’s target market and receiving feedback from them in real time.
For this reason, it is important that both your social media marketing and public relations teams work together in formulating responses and messages that best represents your brand. This way, you will have the same answer for your customers or followers and the reporters.
A well informed PR team is important.
Make sure that you discuss everything with your PR team especially those issues that can possibly arise in the future. This way, you can plan the course of action to be taken once these issues start so that it can be dealt with right away. Los Angeles PR firms are known to have good relationships with reporters and if in case any problems occur, managing public perception timely will not be difficult with their connections with the mainstream media. Visit for more information.
When a brand crisis happens, you would probably hear it first through social media. At this point, it is important that your social media team is ready to answer the issues directly and can effectively extinguish it as early as possible. It is important to have good communication directly with your customers since they can help you disseminate information with the responses you have given them.
Your PR team should also be ready to address the media to give a clear message about your stance on the issue and the steps you are taking to resolve it. You should act fast enough in this kind of situation since a simple delay can cause much harm to your brand.
Always remember that preparation is key in rebuilding your brand. Social media marketing and Public relations are powerful methods for making your brand shine in a case of distress. Always work closely with LA PR agencies since their proven experience in social media marketing and public relations will be a big help for your brand to survive a crisis.

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