Smart Tips to Protect Yourself from Moving Scams

Moving companies are our one-stop partners whenever we are planning for a new move. However, not all moving companies out there are equally trustworthy. Moving scams are not a myth and there are some rotten apples in the basket. So, how to know that your chosen moving company is a reliable one? Well, the post below offers 5 tips to take care of to protect yourself from moving scam.
Get a comparative survey
Don’t just settle with the first moving company you come across online. You should always get a comparative survey on minimum 4 NJ movers before the final call. It’s important to check the reputation of a company whom you are going to trust with your valuables. Thus, make sure to check the BBB records of all the shortlisted companies to study the customer complaints. Choose a one that shows the least amount of complaints.
Check out mover red flags stated by Department of Transportation
In the light of rising moving scams, the American Transportation Department has laid down certain tips to watch out for to distinguish between rotten and safe movers-

  • Does the company assure home inspection before estimating costs?

This is one of the most crucial red flags to watch out for here. Make sure your mover carries a thorough home inspection before extending the cost estimates. Moving needs vary with each client. Thus, the reliable companies generally follow a customized price package based on in-home inspection of the client’s premise. If the company doesn’t follow that, look elsewhere NYC Moving Companies.

  • No information of insurance or registration

The credible ones generally feature the information of their registration and insurance on their website. They know smart customers would look for the data to gauge their credibility quotient. If your mover has not featured those needed details on his website, he is not exactly trustworthy.

  • Does he demand huge up-front deposit?

If your chosen moving company forces you to pay a huge up-front deposit, don’t hesitate to find another mover. Reliable companies will never compel its clients into large upfront payments. Also beware of those movers who want the whole payment in cash.

  • Does he provide Rights & Responsibilities booklet?

This is another important red flag you should be careful of. According to Federal law, moving companies must provide the  booklet to each client during an inter-state move. If your mover does not extend the booklet, it says that he doesn’t really bother about the laws and regulations. Do you think such a mover is credible? Certainly not.

  • Does your moving company carry its own trucks?

Make sure your chosen moving company carries its own moving trucks and uses the same while executing your move. If the company comes in a rental truck, do not hesitate to look elsewhere.
Moving is a big thing and you have to be careful at every step to ensure a safe and stress-free move.

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