Should you buy upcoming note 6?

Smartphone market is improving day by day and we are surprised by the newest features every month. As the Samsung Galaxy Note series are becoming bigger and bigger by the launch of new Smartphone, Samsung makes the Smartphone so amazing in features that “beat” every other Smartphone of any company and the Samsung Galaxy Note Series is the best example of this.

Galaxy Note’s 6 new features can make it an irresistible attraction on the market. It comes with a stylus pen that fuses with a delicate Wacom digitizer .It also has a 16-core chip processor and a six inchesdisplay. Not only its qualities will make you buy it, but it has an awesome rapport between quality and price. As a conclusion Samsung Galaxy Note 6 is a best buy for the future that you can’t miss.
As the rumors have the new Samsung Galaxy Note 6 is going to be a worthy replacement for the Note 5 model. The Smartphone is expected to have a flexible display, which most of the Samsung customers have been expecting since Note 4. The Galaxy Note 6 will be a good buy for those who need a large 6-inch Smartphone. Those who want a flexible display will be paying more than those who will settle for the regular one. Those who need a high quality phablet fit for multitasking will appreciate the 16 -core processor and 8 GB of RAM on the new Galaxy Note 6. Those, who are buying Samsung Smartphone for the high quality cameras they provide, will be pleasantly surprised by the 27 MP primary camera and the 8 MP front camera for making extraordinary selfies. However, the external memory option will be removed from the new smarpthone, since the phablet’s storage will vary from 32 to 128 GB of storage space. A fast charging and non-removable 4500 mAh battery will provide long lasting working time for the new phablet. Overall, Galaxy Note 6 will be a good buy for the Samsung fans, who are always expecting something new and improved from the manufacturer. However, the price without a contract will be quite high – about $600.
Samsung is known to fit the cutting edge technology and high industry standards into its flagship series. The Note 6 which is rumored to be released in the third quadrant of the coming year has stunning features. It will be the first phone to use a sixteen core processor and will contain an 8 GB RAM card. It is also rumored to have a crisp 4K display which will enhance clarity and depth of the Note 6’s AMOLED screen. The Note 6 is also expected to have the highest resolution cameras fitted to a phone, 30 MP back and 16 MP front. In addition to that, the Note 6 from Samsung will contain scanners and sensors like the fingerprint scanner, thermometer, heart rate scanner and even a blood oxygen level scanner.
We can only wait and watch if the rumors bear any truth. If they are correct, then this phone will be a milestone for years to come. Same was the case with Galaxy Samsung S7 and we are expecting that to be super hot too.

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