Seven Strategies Need to Consider About a Live Chat Tool in a BPO Industry

Live chats are generally considered to be the most powerful tools for all the call centre agents working in a BPO industry. It helps the employees of each and every organization to engage more effectively in the conversation with all the clients and customers closing the deals. Research studies have shown that 60% of the organizations use live chats atleast once in a week, compared to those 40% who don’t use live chats. Given below are the seven major ideas and strategies one needs to use when it comes to live chats in the call centre industry.

Looking for a feedback: Feedback is the most important thing for each and every business. So try and ask your customers to provide you for a feedback on all the products and services you have been offering. Ask your customers for some suggestions, keeping them valued and coming back for more.

Answering the chat of all your customers immediately: Do not make your customers wait when they have a query ask through the live chats. Do not make them wait for more than 10 minutes atleast, as this is when they decide when they buy or leave based on the responses they get through your call centre agents. This is another best ways of keeping all your customers happy.

Making use of the previous chat history: Do have an option of your live chat history in the tool that you are using. So if your customer has suggested something that would be good for you and your website in the past, then applying them next time would be a great idea example the conversions. Doing this would enhance your business values even further.

Addressing the customers through their names: Having a live chat option for any business that you are dealing with is a great option. But it is something that has to be specific. So always request your customers and visitors to tell their names before you begin with the chat and then continue doing the same till you end up the chat with your customers.
Being Friendly: It is important to have and maintain a friendly demeanour during the live chat with all your clients and customers. As this is something that can make and break your website.

Understanding the business entirely: This is one of the most important thing you need to understand and know before you begin chatting with your customers online. You need to have a clear understanding about what your business is all about, the pricing strategy and checking what fits and what does not fit best to your customers. Knowing what’s there and what’s not there, the average delivery time it would take for a product to be delivered, how to overcome the objections raised by your clients and customers could help you drive conversion in a positive and a better direction.

Placing yourself in the shoes of your clients and customers: One of the most important thing you need to understand if you want to sell your products and services is that you need to place yourself in their shoes. And when it comes to the live chats both the parties do have an agenda with them, where the customer would require the support and needs more data. The agent would then have to help the client find whatever they have been trying to find on their website making them feel pleasant and good.
To conclude live chats are not just important as they help you in selling the products and services, but would also help your business grow in a better manner. So don’t just use them to answer the queries of all your clients and customers but also in a way of training yourself creating more sales for you and your business.

Author Bio:
Abhishek Jain is a freelance copywriter with 10 years of experience in Business Process Outsourcing and Contact Centre Services Malaysia. As a freelance copywriter his majority of his work is being focused on v
arious topics like Human Resource Outsourcing, Customer lifecycle management, and many more.                                                                               

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