Seven Classic Tips to surviving long haul flights

The mere thought of being restricted to a seat, high above the ground is scary. And to think that you have to do it for more than 6 hours is enough to give you sleepless nights. With the exception of a few people, the idea of long haul flights does not make travelers feel too excited. Travel anxiety is a lot more common than one assumes and it worsens when there is a long haul flight in question. So how do you deal with the situation? Here are seven classic tips to survive long flights. These tips are certainly one of the tried and tested methods:

  1. Wear something comfy

Your attire for the flight is going to play a major role in how things unfold during the flight. If you wish to stay relaxed and comfortable, don’t pay too much heed to fashion and what others may view you as. Wear your most comfortable outfit. And preferably not something too light as the air-conditioning does end making you a little chilly. Avoid heels and tight jeans. And wearing or keeping a pair of socks in the bag is useful for when you feel cold.

  1. Sleep for as long as you can

The most ideal way to spend a good part of your flight is by sleeping. So make sure you have arrangements for a good, uninterrupted nap time. An eye mask and ear plugs are essential for a long nap.

  1. Take medication

This should be used as the last resort. If your anxiety and agitation is getting out of hand, take a medicine to calm your nerves or a tablet that helps you sleep better.

  1. Choose the right seat

Of course this is not applicable on business class flights. Seating on business class flights is perfect and you don’t have to worry about being in discomfort. But if you are traveling on economy class, make sure the first thing you do when you arrive at the airport is specify your seat. An exit row seat should be your first choice. The next choice should be the window seat. An exit row seat means more leg space which is very important in a long haul flight. A window seat means less hassle and disturbance as you are not asked to move every time another passenger has to use the lavatory.

  1. Move your legs every now and then

Sitting in the seat for long is likely to give you stiff legs and a back ache. To avoid that, get up and walk a little every now and then.

  1. Keep snacks

Pack your favorite snacks to keep yourself busy and happy during the flight. Sure the airlines will provide meals, but they are given at specific times only.

  1. Watch movies

A movie is a great idea to spend a considerable amount of time busy without being bored or irritated. Even one movie means 2-3 hours well spent.

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