Safe and Economic Air Conditioning for Your Home

Do you know that the heating and cooling appliances in your house account for 40 percent of your energy bills? That’s why it’s imperative that you use safe and energy-efficient air conditioner for your home to cut down on high energy bills.
These few techniques will help you to buy a reliable and economical air conditioning system for your home. Read on to find more: 
Energy Rating
Before investing in new air conditioning system for your house, ensure that you check the energy rating on the appliance. Usually, the more stars your air conditioner has, the higher energy efficiency rating, and the more you save on energy bills. Today most big brands like Voltas AC,LG AC, etc., come with a five-star energy rating, which means that these air conditioners are very energy-efficient and environmentally friendly.
Power Consumption
The star rating label on the air conditioning unit includes the power consumption figure, which indicates the estimated energy usage in kilowatt/hour per year. This way you can compare various models and select an air conditioner that consumes the least amount of power. 
Buy An Air Conditioner That Suits The Space
To avoid yourself from purchasing an air conditioning unit unsuitable for your home, we recommend you ask a professional for advice and to calculate the cooling load to meet your cooling requirements.  If you purchase an air conditioner model unfit for space, it means that the room won’t cool properly or will be cooled too quickly. Besides, buying a bigger unit isn’t a good idea. Sure, your room will be cooled quickly, but larger AC also requires more energy that a smaller one.
Types of Air Conditioners
What kind you’ll buy depends on the size of your rooms. A portable air conditioner is the easiest model to install. If your room size is less than 20 square meters, a portable AC will work well. However, they aren’t suitable for rooms larger than 20 square meters. A window/ wall air conditioning unit is fitted into an external wall hole or place on a wall or window sill.  If your room is less than 50s square meters, a window AC unit is sufficient, but generally, these models consume more energy than fixed split AC units. If your space is larger than 50s square meters, installing a split air conditioning system will work best. You can also install single duct portable air conditioning systems in most rooms, but installing a separate portable split AC system will be more efficient and effective. Another significant benefit of split ACs is that as the compressor and the cooling units are places outside, it’s very quiet.
Air Conditioner Controls
Purchase an air conditioner alongside a thermostat/timer so that you can control the room temperature for optimum cooling for enhanced comfort. It will reduce your energy bills. Remember, to install the thermostat in the room that is frequently used and is away from the cooling and heating unit. Some AC models automatically adjust their cooling temperature or switch off when the optimum temperature has been reached to save energy. Every additional degree of air conditioning will increase your energy cost by almost 10 percent. Therefore, it’s recommended that you set the thermostat at the highest comfortable temperature to save on energy use and minimize your energy bills.

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