Rules And Norms Of Legacy Cinema Theatre

Being a famous and reputed movie screening theatre, legacy cinema innovation LCI – 98 is level next towards advanced technology and to meet audience satisfied level of expectation. Not just watching movies and coming back, as a responsible citizen, one must see to the rights of theatre managements in the city too as insisted by legacy cinema only.

Next to India, US has avid cinema lovers hence making of big banner and big budget movies happen in US. The number of movies produced every year and the number of show screens increased is the testimony of the fact. According to Film Federation of US, cinema theatres must meet all the rules and regulations set by the Federation all for the safety measures of the audience and to maintain a range of movie showing. Some may even think that: why as an audience I should know this, getting a movie ticket for a reasonable price and watching the movie comfortably would not be better enough. Definitely no, says Legacy cinema innovation LCI- 98. Appending below are the rules that every citizen must know as an audience.

Seating conditions

  1. The seating accommodation for every 10 rows should have a passage with 0.9 meters width
  2. The gangways should be with 0.9 meters width and seats must be placed with only 10 numbers from one gangway
  3. The distance between the first row and the screen must be of the height of the screen or the height equals to the top picture of the screen
  4. The seating arrangement should be calculated for 9 square meters floor area for 25 persons, it excludes the passage of entrance, walking passage, gangways, screen stage, staircase or elevators, and the other areas that where the audience are not allowed to get in
  5. It is compulsory that the first two rows from the screen side should be earmarked or must be provided a lower rate of admission than that of the seats behind which is must applicable in the multiplexes
  6. Air-conditioned floors must be fixed with thermometers mentioned with degrees either in Fahrenheit or Celsius at a minimum of 3 to 4 noticeable places. They must be fixed at the height of seven feet from the floor level and make sure it must be maintained throughout the show execution

Noise level norms

Legacy cinema takes very much care towards audience in terms of maintaining decibel levels too. At the time of show, no maximum level of noise should be tuned up for any sort of special movies. Inside the show auditorium, the noise levels must be of:

  1. 90 decibels at the Source
  2. 86 decibels at 5 meters
  3. 80 decibels at 15 meters from the source

Sanitary side

  1. There must be one WC and Urinal for every 30 persons and exclusive use for separate gender must be provided
  2. Special setting must be provided for handicapped
  3. Drinking water must be provided in adequate manner at every 10 meters

Legacy cinema as the term says, strives to meet all the necessary requirements that regulate alongside with the Federation charter. In order to provide a comfortable zone for the audience to watch movies, Legacy cinema takes the pride in all the aspects.

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