Restaurateurs Take Notice: Space Décor has Become Equally Important as Food

Awe inspiring ambience can become the ingredient for success for a fine dining restaurant!
Everywhere one looks, there is competition and the demand for efficiency when it comes to giving services. The average consumer has expanded in his or her ability to consume food anywhere at any time, from residential apartments to trains in order to save the time they are always running short of. The same is in the business of maintaining profitable restaurants. The quality of the food and the level of hospitality that is given is now deemed mandatory and any discrepancies are not tolerated. But another added factor that now plays a big role in the success of a particular restaurant is its ambience. Below are some reasons why this is the case.

Cleanliness is next to godliness

Maintaining hygiene standards even in small spaces is important.
Currently, it is never only all about the food people eat outdoors. Indians have always been big on cleanliness when it comes to areas where they reside or where they eat their food. Regardless of how good the food is, one would not like to consume it in a shabby and drab place to begin with. Even though the eatery must be maintaining a good hygiene standard, the customer will nonetheless judge it to be very unclean and this will drive them away. Hence, restaurant owners will need to spend on décor, minimalistic interiors and are recommended to keep customers happy. Tables should also be cleared away as soon as the customers are done with their meals in order to keep the area spick and span. In fact, there is a need to keep ample space between tables so that patrons do not have to squeeze and be uncomfortable while dining.

A 360 degree experience becomes memorable

Emotionally connecting with the food between families is done on any dining table. But the ambience provided, say on the rooftop eatery can be memorable.   
Just like how premium apartments true worth is clubbed together with the value the neighbourhood where it is located, similarly, a restaurant is not just graded according to its food but also according to the other experiences it provides. Eating in a restaurant includes many more senses than just one’s taste buds in order to make the entire experience pleasurable. The décor should be appealing for the eyes and it should match the theme of the restaurant. No one would like having breakfast in a place that is dimly lit, no matter how fancy it might be. Also, candle-light dinners are truly romantic but if one relies only on candles than the electric light then people will have to waste their time figuring out where their food is and have to be extra careful to not drop any on their clothes. This is a huge turn off and will drive them away.
Good colours that are pleasant and appealing to look at are also an addition that is to be made. If music is being played, it should not be too low or jarring as this inhibits fruitful conversations. The furniture should be pleasant to touch and comfortable enough to use. Chairs that are too small make people squirm to settle in and tables that are too small or too big give the feeling of congestion or separateness respectively. If all these factors are adequate, people might choose to spend more time, hence increasing the possibility of ordering more food while they are at it.

Making good food taste good

A good ambience acts as a catalyst
It has been psychologically proven that a good atmosphere is vital in relaxing any individual, mentally as well as physically. Thus, individuals will be more open to try out food and not have a restricted mindset about what they will prefer. Once the people are at ease, their moods will become better and hence, any food they will ultimately eat will further enhance this feeling. Builders and developers in Bangalore  of eateries capitalizes on this fact and charge more for a plush ambience.

Retention of a loyal customer base

Getting feedback is vital
If all aspects of the restaurant is meeting up to the standard that has been set by the customer then of course this will ensure that they leave the premise satisfied. It will prompt them to make continued visits as the place will make it to their list of “favourite restaurants”. High level of satisfaction also leads to the fact that they will recommend it to their peers and family members. This is essential for the restaurant to flourish. If one believes, that they have missed the mark when it comes to ambience of the place, they could always request the customer to fill in a feedback form at the end of their meal experience. This practice is already being effectively carried out at countless restaurants in Bangalore. This will allow the place to be subjected to constructive criticism and will help them improve in the process.

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