Reduce Paperwork With Quality Assurance Training In Brisbane

Gaining accreditation in quality assurance is not as difficult or as expensive as you may think. In fact, as so much of it is based on good business sense, it’s all about systems you should already be using!
The trouble is, there are certain misconceptions about exactly what is involved. And ironically, one of those misconceptions is that it create more paperwork. I say ironically because a key benefit of any ISO management system is that it reduces documentation.
The way International Standards and management systems are formulated today is very different from when they started out in the late 1940s. And that’s why there are regular revisions to the Standards, to better reflect the ever-changing ways in which we do business.
Customer Expectations
International Standards today are very accessible and extremely beneficial. And, for organisations that are keen to play up a league, they are a must.
Increasing competition, global trading and higher customer expectations have made it essential for businesses to operate in the most efficient and ethical way possible.
Their focus should be on producing high quality goods and services that offer value for money, and don’t impact negatively on the environment. All of these goals are covered by ISO management systems.
As Australians tighten their belts on spending, they place far greater emphasis on quality. And if they don’t find it, they will vote with their feet by changing supplier.
Increasing Demand for Training
The message is clearly getting through to Queensland businesses, as we are seeing an increasing demand for quality assurance training in Brisbane. This is a smart move.
ISO 9001 came about in the late 1980s and, due to its policy of third party auditing, it was seen as a way of ensuring best quality. And in just the same way today, accreditation to ISO 9001 is taken as proof of quality. It’s a major boost for businesses to be able to display that accreditation on their branding and packaging.
What is different from those early days, however, is the amount of documentation. It’s a lot less, and the system is based more on performance and assessment – hence the increasingly demand for internal auditing and QMS ISO 9001 lead auditor training courses.
More User-Friendly
ISO 9001:2015 is far more user-friendly, and focused on achieving real results, rather than producing documentation for auditors. As a result, we are now seeing a far greater take-up of the Standard by small businesses.
Of course, in just the same way a business needs good leadership, the road to ISO accreditation is best driven by experienced experts. So while it is possible to buy off the shelf solutions online, it is not recommended.
Far better to work with an experienced consultancy, whose experienced trainers will assess your current systems, your goals and challenges, and tailor-make the best management system to suit those needs.
Achieve Accreditation
They will then work with you to implement the management system, train your employees and achieve certification.
They are also very likely to suggest using an integrated management system, a way of managing all key areas of your business, from quality assurance to workplace health and safety, while reducing that paperwork even further.

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