Reasons to opt for solo traveling

Life is too short to waste and wait. There is always going to be some reason to postpone travel. But to be honest, if you really want to travel, something as petty as not finding a travel partner should not stop you. Go for it if you feel you are ready. Because contrary to popular belief, solo traveling is not dangerous or boring at all. In fact it is one of the most liberating and exhilarating experiences of a lifetime. Here are some reasons why you should not hesitate to opt for solo traveling
You save money
Naturally expenses for one person are less burdensome on the pocket. You have to invest in one air ticket and pay for solo meals. Only these two things alone save you a whole lot of money. And if you buy miles cheap, you will be able to save a lot more. You can buy miles cheap at multiple websites online. This is sometimes easier and more convenient than earning miles.
You gain confidence
Many people will agree that confidence is one of the keys to success. If you are lacking in confidence, you will return a changed person from solo travel. Getting out of your comfort zone and not having anyone to rely on makes you stronger and more capable.
You are your own boss
Sometimes it does get annoying when you want to visit the museum but none of your travel partners do. When you are on your own, you can do whatever you please. But of course being your own boss does not mean you make reckless decisions like hanging out at bars on dark, secluded alleys. Make sure you take sensible decisions.
You learn new things about yourself
Spending time alone helps you discover yourself. You would be surprised how you never knew some things about yourself. You understand your priorities, uncover hidden fears and learn about your likes and dislikes.
You become more social
Another key to success in life is your social skills. People who don’t have good social skills seldom progress, may it be your personal life or your work life. I am sure you did not know that solo traveling will actually impact your career in a good way. When you are alone, you learn to be more social and charismatic automatically.
You make new friends
This is probably one of the biggest pluses of solo traveling. You get to interact with all kinds of people when you are alone and end up making new friends at every place you visit. If you are into solo traveling, you probably have a huge social circle that is very diverse as well. Making friends in a new destination helps you experience a new culture, religion and way of life. And it is then that you realize that we may look different on the outside but we are all really the same in the inside, whether we live in Germany, Nepal or Norway.

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