Reasons to Enroll In Acting College in London

Method acting, tagged as a controversial approach to acting, is a technique that encourages sincere and passionately expressive performances. Method acting follows a system wherein the actor deeply internalizes his role and digs in to find an inner motive to give justice to the action and role of the character he is portraying. This system was made known by the Russian actor and director Konstantin Stanislavski.

London is the home to some of the well-known method actors in the Hollywood scene like Christian Bale, Daniel Day-Lewis, and Michael Cain to name a few. Thus, acting college in London came to life. Most acting colleges in London offer extensive and versatile courses that are definitely worth every penny. A typical acting college in London offers a full acting year which is spread throughout 12 months and covers Main Method Intensive and Voice & Movement classes. Main Method Intensive or the Main Acting Class is the heart of the whole course. This class is focused on harnessing the student’s potential in acting. Voice and Movement class, on the other hand, is a great support for the Main Acting Class as it utilizes the potential of the student’s voice and body movement. As in everything that we do, passion is nothing without proper action.

Still thinking about whether to enroll in an acting college in London or not? Below is the top 3 reasons why you should follow your heart and go after your passion.


Getting accepted into an acting college is what every passionate actor’s dream. However, to get in, one must exude an exceedingly high amount of willingness and eagerness to be acknowledged. The on boarding process in most acting colleges in London may be quite long and hard but for someone who loves acting so much will not take this as a hindrance in pursuing his passion. Instead, take this as a stepping stone in becoming closer to making his dreams a reality.


Most successful method actors will agree that every single bit of an exercise will matter in your future career. We take, for example, Joe Manganiello who never fully understood their “pretend-you’re-an-animal” exercise back in his college days until he played a werewolf in “True Blood”. This only shows that even the silliest exercise has been well thought of and not just given to the students out of pure pleasure. It is most likely that your mentors are only preparing you for your biggest break yet.


The mentor-student relationship doesn’t confide in the four corners of the classroom. It even extends up to many years after graduation. Maintaining a good relationship with your mentors is a bonus as you will constantly have someone to remind you about your hardships whenever you feel like giving up. Not only did you earn a degree in acting, you also earned yourself a friend who shares your passion and love for acting.

If you see yourself getting thrilled over the reasons mentioned above, then method acting is truly the right path for you. London acting college is slowly taking the limelight when it comes to the best acting schools in the world. So it is a good time to pack your bags and fly to London to jumpstart your acting career.

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