Quantitative Aptitude Tips For CAT 2018

The CAT exam includes three sections, namely, quantitative aptitude, verbal ability & reading comprehension and logical reasoning & data interpretation. The quantitative section is considered as one of the most feared section in the paper. In the CAT paper, 34 questions are included from the quantitative section.

So, CAT aspirant need to have a proper preparation of the quantitative topics to be able to ace this section. MBA aspirants preparing for CAT 2018 need to be well-prepared with this section and be confident. So, some of the important tips are given here to help CAT 2018 aspirants prepare for the quantitative aptitude section in a more effective way.

  • Get Acquainted with the Syllabus

Before starting with the preparation, it is important to know the syllabus topics of quantitative section. Though the CAT does not have a predefined syllabus, one can still check all the important quantitative topics that are repeated every year in the CAT paper. It should be noted that most of the quantitative topics are included from the school-level maths syllabus.

  • Strategize

After getting acquainted with the syllabus, analyze the topics and then strategize a proper preparation plan accordingly. Take a sectional mock test divide the topics accordingly. It is suggested to give equal importance to all the important topics and be confident with all the topics.

  • Be Thorough with the Basics

It is very important to be well versed with the basic mathematics concepts. Once one is confident with the basics, it is important to practice different variations of questions and get confident to be able to tackle CAT level questions easily. It is also important to keep revising the topics to retain the related concepts for longer.

  • Practice

It is also important to practice numerous practice questions from the individual topics. Also, practice several sample papers and check questions from CAT previous year papers to know the types and difficulty of the questions asked in the exam.

  • Mock Tests

Taking several CAT mock tests is of utmost importance during CAT preparation. They help in self-analysis and helps to get acquainted with the actual exam scenario. Also, it is important to analyze every mock test and then strategize personal test-taking strategies. Mock tests can also help to improve time management and confidence to tackle any question in the exam.

CAT aspirants also need to be thorough with the shortcut techniques to be able to solve the questions quickly and efficiently in the exam.

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