Pros And Cons Of Radiofrequency

Pros And Cons Of Radiofrequency

The modern era is gradually advancing with various kinds of new outputs in the world of treatment. Radiofrequency treatment is a revolutionary pathway towards the cure of various health issues for decades. Higher frequency of electrical currents like 300 kHz to 40 MHz is used in aesthetic treatments.

Like every other care, Radiofrequency Treatment had both pros and cons that you must know before spending for it.


  • It doesn’t consume much time:

The treatment can be done between 20 to 45 minutes depending on the areas and issues to be treated. Clients may experience a bit of redness up to twenty-four hours. It will go after that.

  • Zero discomfort procedure:

The ace procedure heat human skin to a tolerable degree that doesn’t ruin the comfort of the client. People with very sensitive skin may have a bit of sensation, but potential harm won’t occur. The treatment is considered as painless.

  • Effective for body use:

Not only face and hair, but this highly acclaimed treatment can also be effectively used on the body too. It is extremely beneficial in smoothing out stretch marks and tighten the loose skin of the body. Radiofrequency treatment can be used in case of pain management also.

  • Suited to most people:

Radiofrequency is suitable for a large number of people. That’s why people are undergoing the treatment to avail good pain-free health and firm glowing skin without worry.

  • Celebrities love the treatment

A growing number of celebrities are investing in Radiofrequency for getting healthy, smooth, firm and glowing skin. The everlasting lift and toned skin is the gift of radiofrequency.


  • It is costly:

Advanced treatment like Radiofrequency doesn’t come at a low price. The effective and result bearing process can give a cough when it comes to the cost. The clients require multiple sessions to get completely treated in case of critical conditions.

  • People with Rosacea can’t avail Radiofrequency:

The heat base process can cause inflammation. If anyone has rosacea, the redness can become worse. Hence, people who have broken blood vessels can’t go for this new-age treatment.

  • Not suitable for pregnant and breastfeeding women:

Women who are pregnant and breastfeeding must not take the treatment at all, otherwise, it will lay a negative influence on them.

  • The treatment can’t be taken as a quick-fix:

Radiofrequency is not magic. It takes time to show the complete effect. One has to be patient and give time for getting the desired result. It needs several sessions to cure an issue.

  • The incorrect procedure can worsen the problem:

If the procedure is done improperly, the trouble can get worse and the patient can suffer to the extreme. The quality of life can interfere adversely.

  • Serious side effects can take place:

Various nasty side effects like burns, subcutaneous fat loss, indentations on the skin, scars, pigmentation, infections, lesions, etc. can occur due to the treatment.

If you wish to go for radiofrequency treatment, discuss with an expert first. Inform him or her if you have any medical, skin or health issues.

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