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Professional Tips To Apply And Remove Car Decals Perfectly

There are many car washing and service centers now selling novelty articles like custom decals and car stickers. Applying car decals and custom stickers will help the vehicle owners to transform the appearance of their vehicle. However, the process car decals of installation and removal of car decals and stickers is a bit complicated, but there are some professional tips you may follow to make the process easier and foolproof.Let us discuss some of these tips to make your job of applying and removing car decals easier.

Clean the application surface thoroughly before putting on the decals

You should first clean the area where you want to apply the decal thoroughly. If you are trying to put the sticker or decal on a dirty surface, it may soon pick up the dirt and tend to grime up. Make sure that the area is thoroughly clean without any dirt or dust while putting on the decal. You may use mild soapy water or rubbing alcohol for cleaning. There are glass cleaning products available with chemicals in them, so you should not use these for cleaning for decal applications. These may tend to leave some residue behind and may adversely affect decal adherence.

Decide the location for decal installation

Before trying to stick a decal, you need to be very sure about where you want to put it on. People consider various options, like windows, bumpers, interior or exterior surfaces of the vehicle for decal installation. A few consider even tires for decal installation to make it more attractive.To add a personal touch and give a modern look to the vehicles, customers tend to make personalized decals. When you have an idea about the area to stick it, try to use a simulation of the same to have a step back and see how it will look.

Peel off the decal backing carefully

You may see the paper backing on the sticker, which needed to be peeled off carefully. During this process, make sure that you do not touch the back of the car decals as it may leave some residue on its backside, which may impair proper adhesion.

Remove any bubbles and trim around obstructions

After applying the decal onto the surface, you should trim around any obstructions with a razor blade. Next, make sure you apply an adequate decal film to remove any bubbles trapped inside it. You can also use a squeegee for the same.

Removing car decals

Another challenging task is to remove the car decal later. Here are some tips for doing it cleanly.

First, clean the decal stick and the surrounding areas thoroughly. Use mild soapy water and a soft cloth for cleaning. Next, you may try to warm up the decal with a heat gun or hair dryers to release the adhesive on the back of the decal. This will let you pull out the sticker easily. You may also use glue removal products carefully.

After removing the decay, clean the area thoroughly to ensure that there are no residues left behind. If done carefully with some preparation and planning, you can be sure of your car decals’ perfection and optimum finish.

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