Post Cycle Therapy Is A Must Once You Start Consuming Steroids, Especially Winstrol

Steroids are definitely a revolution. They do change the outer looks (Physical appearance) of any average human, but the same changes are caused to the biology of the body too. The steroids affect the cell formations in your body, and it affects the testosterone levels to the backbone, in males. This is one of the primary reasons why PCTs (Post Cycle Therapies) are recommended after Winstrol cycle.

Whether you have been consuming steroids directly or post blending it with some other forms, it is bound to cause changes to your internal systems. In order to keep your bodies running naturally, PCTs are definitely a must.

Winstrol PCT

There has to be a reason why taking winstrol in your PCT is recommended time and again. Since the body’s naturally forming testosterones get affected, they have to be brought back to normal through therapies as they may cause severe impacts on your body, which have the probability of not getting cured at all. Sounds dangerous! It is so, go for PCTs.

The best time to start PCT is post 12 hours of your last dose. You are given some form of medicine to trigger the release of FSH (Follicle Stimulating Hormone) and LH (Luteinizing Hormone) post the last dose. It is the LH that is responsible for the release of testosterone levels inside your body.
There are two names, which are consumed by the body builders as a source of PCT triggering. They are:-
  • Clomiphene citrate – Clomid (Common name)
  • Tamoxifen – Nolvadex  (Common name)
Many consumers of Winstrol have reviewed that Nolvadex is milder and better than clomid. The latter causes issues with vision and mood swings. Such side effects are the results of lower estrogen levels.

Doses of Winstrol PCT

The doses for such purposes totally depend on the winstrol steroid cycle you were actually on. The commonly found doses for men are 25mg- 50mg taken in a single day. This is definitely not the dose for women. Women usually go for 5mg in a day for around 4-6 weeks.

Be it men or women, both should go for PCT for creating balance in the body for hormones to make naturally. Nolvadexdose is 10-40mg in a single day or likewise, but the best is to seek practitioner’s advice before taking a step ahead. If by chance you have cholesterol or heart related issues, then seeing advice is definitely a must. 

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