Playing College Football – The Lessons and Facts for You All

College football gives you a way of making a career. It comes with the promise of money. It gives you the hope of acquiring fame someday, you know, camera flashing and fans cheering, a life every youngsters dream of. College football promises to turn this dream into reality. However, it is more than just a way of earning money. Playing football from the college level has many benefits than just money and fame, of course these are important. However, when you grow as a human being and become strong from within, you earn money, fame and most importantly the respects of others. It takes a lot of hard work and belief to be a legend. Everyone is not up for the challenge. Whether you are or you are not, decides what you accomplish in the future.

Aaron Michael Hartfield has been playing football for a long time. In fact he has made a name in his college team and has become a sought after player. He recalls the pressure that had him work harder. This is the first thing football brings to you. Even if you are not up for the early morning running and bench pressing, the pressure of performing will get you. Eventually you will drag yourself up from the bed and stumble on the field to be with your team. If you are serious about making a career in this game, you will perform, for yourself and for your fans. Aaron says, football makes you better at everything.
Endurance is a gift which football gives you. If you play it seriously, you will learn to handle a lot of things. Endurance does not only refer to the physical strength, it refers to the emotional strength as well. Of course as you keep bench pressing or running, you will become better physically. But, as you keep playing the game and keep facing criticism, both from the critiques and your coach, you learn to turn the criticism positively. Some crumbles at the harsh words hurled at them. Some take it as a challenge to get better. How you take criticism will make a big difference in your life.
Team spirit, Aaron Michael Hartfield says is the strength of the game. Football is a team game. No one plays it alone. It takes the entire team to stand together and play together for the victory. It is not a solitary sport like tennis where you only have yourself to rely on. In this game you play and you help others to play. Nothing teaches team spirit better than football. It also teaches to keep personal rivalry at the personal level. Yes, in a team you might develop a personal grudge against someone. But, if you let that grudge contaminate your professional life, not only you but your team will suffer as a consequence. Therefore, players are taught to act professionally and forget their personal life while on the field.
Last but not the least football teaches discipline. You need to lead a life which helps you to improve. You cannot drift away from this.     

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