Planning a trip to Shillong? Here are places you can’t miss out on

One of the most popular hill stations in India is nestled in the Northeastern region of the country. The hill station of Shillong is gaining prominence in the tourism scene of India and is showing no signs of slowing down. This article discusses all that you need to know for your trip to this beautiful hill station.
What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Shillong? The hill-station of Meghalaya with stunning landscapes? If that is your first thought, you are spot-on! However, there is something many people do not about this pretty hill station which was recently voted, ‘India’s favorite hill station’, that is, Shillong used to be the capital of Assam, until Meghalaya parted ways from Assam and with it took away its capital city. With Shillong and the rest of the hilly regions of Meghalaya gone now, there is nothing much to see in Assam anymore. Shillong is one of the most romantic places in India and its entire landscape, apart from the pristine natural beauty, is dotted with beautiful British style cottages. There are so many places to visit in Shillong, and mentioned below are some of the best you cannot miss to visit on your trip to this pristine destination!
Elephant Falls
One thing you will notice in Shillong is that, the hill station is blessed with beautiful natural landscape making up of picturesque hills and waterfalls. One of the most beautiful of all the waterfalls you should visit in Shillong is the Elephant falls. It makes for a great picnic spot or simply a place to visit and admire the beauty of nature at work.
Ward’s Lake
With beautiful waterfalls comes great lakes. The Ward’s lake in the heart of the city is one sight that will you make you stop and simply gaze at it for a few minutes as you walk by the busiest part of the city. You can buy some popcorn or chips from nearby shops and head to the bridge to feed the fishes. You can do this while going on a boat ride in the lake. You could also simply some time in the beautiful garden near the lake to simply have a relaxing time.
Umiam Lake
Unlike the Ward’s lake set in the heart of the city, this lake is set a little further from the hustle and bustle of the busy area of the city. Umiam Lake, widely known by locals as Barapani (which translates to big waterbody), is one of the most mesmerizing experience you can take back from your trip. The view of sunset from this lake is simply transcendent. This lake is fed by various streams and other popular rivers of the region.
Shillong Peak
Don’t be fooled by it’s name, there is good news! The Shillong Peak can easily be reached by a car, a luxury you will not get in any other hill station in India. This place is a must visit and the crème de la crème of any other places to visit in Shillong as it will give you the panoramic view of the entire landscape Shillong is so popular for!
Shillong cannot be reached by a flight or train, however, the good news is, Guwahati lies less than a 100 km away and you can catch a train or flight from this city. Get your train ticket booking online for Guwahati and make your way to India’s favorite hill station!

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