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Planning a Surreal Jim Corbett Tiger Sighting Safari

Victorian-era naturalist and hunter Jim Corbett once famously said about the great Indian tigers in Kumaon –

“Tiger is India’s finest fauna and when it’s lost forever, India would be poorer by having lost its finest animal. My love for the animal is instinctive and natural as I am born in India.”

Jim Corbett’s contribution to tiger protection and conservation has been immense and the current line of Jim Corbett hotels patronizes the need to keep tigers in their natural habitat – safe, untouched by the city dwellers.

Here is how you should plan a surreal tiger sighting safari in the best seasons for wildlife trekking.

Get Your Corbett Trip Planned with Best Guides

Corbett is the oldest natural tiger residential regions in Asia, with human-tiger interaction dating back to 10th century. In its prime, the destination was thronged by big cats, bulls,andbison, and elephants roaming the jungle, not fearing anything that humans would do. The first traces of human dwelling from the 14th century are still visible at Corbett National Park within a radius of 240 square kilometers. To find those rustic temples, huts and deep caves from the ancient era, a reliable guide provided by Jim Corbett hotels is your best bet!

Know the Local Lingo

As a wildlife traveler, you should keep a handy guide or manual of local lingo to help you in trekking into the Jim Corbett without losing tracks. Locals speak predominantly in Hindi, the national language. Trained staff and guides offered by Jim Corbett hotels also speak in a variety of other Indian dialects, including Punjabi, Marathi, Bengali, Tamil,and Malayalam. For foreign tourists, arrangements are made with English speaking guides and staff.

Choose a Comfortable Safari Ride

The tiger sightseeing safaris are carried out in open jeeps and carriages. In some seasons, you could also opt for an elephant ride that takes you very close to the tiger’s den close to the river and ponds. This is dangerous territory and you are ought to make your safety arrangements in advance. Most Jim Corbett hotels offer promotional packages for jeep safari. Armored vehicles are a safe choice considering the kind of beasts you could be expected to have a face-off with.

Get Vaccinated for Flu and Jungle Infections

If you have spent a large part of your life in the urban setting, things could get slightly awry for you if you plan the Jim Corbett trip without vaccinations. Getting a flu shot as a precaution always helps. Since you would be dealing with a different kind of flora and insect ecosystem, vaccinations keep you immune to an extent.

Book Your Stay with the Best Hotels

For every Indian, tigers cast a spell of magnanimity, grace,and power in its true sense. Finding a tiger in the deep pockets of conserved forests means a lot to the current generation of jungle trekkers and photographers. A comfortable stay in the jungle is all about what fine Jim Corbett hotels you pick.

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