Pet Nutrition: Food Items to Avoid while Feeding Dogs

Food items, which are suitable for human consumption and various other animals, might be toxic or poisonous for the pet dog, thereby posing a threat to its well-being and health. The underlying reason behind this phenomenon is different animals used to have different rates of metabolism, which is actually the process of breaking the food into simpler substances, thereby converting it into energy. Consumption of some foods might result in mild digestive upsets and some others can cause serious illness, which can even cause death.
So, for the pet lovers, it is a prime requisite to have detailed information about the things to avoid while preparing a well-balanced diet for their dogs. Following here is a list of certain food items which are a ‘must-not’ for dogs.

Apple Seeds

Skin of apple seeds is mostly poisonous for a dog as because they consist of amygdalin, a natural chemical, which releases cyanide when being digested. This is a serious issue as because, if the apple seeds are being consumed in a large amount, then it may enter directly into the blood stream. However, for playing it safe, it is wiser to feed apples to dogs after getting sure of the fact that all the seeds are being removed.


Well, people might have come across instances like; the pet dogs get into some of spilled keg beer accidentally in the birthday parties, which add to the amusement of crowd. Though it may sound funny, but, while concerning the pet’s health, it is certainly not funny. Alcohol may not only result in intoxication, poor breathing, lack of coordination and abnormal acidity but, can also lead to coma or even death.

Cooked Bones

The danger related to consumption of bones is that while consuming cooked bones, it might easily splinter when being chewed by the dog. The uncooked (raw) bones, however, are quite proper for both dog’s nutrition and teeth.


It is a clear-cut ‘no no’ for dogs. Specifically, it is not just about only caffeine that is seriously harmful for dogs, but also because of the ophylline and the bromine, both of which are poisonous that leads to panting, diarrhea and vomiting as well, thereby damaging the dog’s nervous system and heart.


Some of the primary fishes, of which one must be careful, are trout and salmon. Raw salmon might be quite fatal for dogs, in case the fish is being infected by Nanophyetus Salmincola (a parasite). This parasite is not only harmful for dogs, but also often gets infected by bacteria, Neorickettsia Helminthoeca that is mostly for pets, if such are not being treated properly. In case, the diagnosis is being done in an earlier phase, the dog might get a chance of recovery. However, cooked salmon can be consumed by dogs as because it will result in killing the parasite.

The task of raising a dog is certainly a serious responsibility. So, it is essential for pet owners to know about the dos and don’ts related to dog nutrition and health. Since dogs are omnivores, efforts should be made to prepare a well-balanced diet, which would contain all the nutrients in proper proportions, thereby promoting safe and sound health.

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